Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen | Audiobook Review

Why Did I Listen To This Book? Yo, so a few years ago I was doing a Top Ten Tuesday where we had to list our top ten autobuy authors and Sarah Dessen was one of those authors. She totally still is and definitely always will be. The audiobook of Saint Anything hit my radar because […]

Allison: The Moon and More | Sarah Dessen | Book Review

I’ve always heard that there is a special feeling you get when you read a Sarah Dessen novel. Some say it’s a feeling like coming home. Other say that it’s a sensation you only get from the perfect beach read. Luckily, I think I recently discovered when this feel is like for me: it’s a […]

The Moon And More | Sarah Dessen | Book Review

When I read a Sarah Dessen book, I feel that the experience is akin to a pair of sweatpants. Bear with me here. Sweatpants are the most comfortable article of clothing, ever, at least in my opinion. Sarah Dessen’s books are the most comfy YA books. By this, I mean that when you open up […]

SO MANY FEELS or in which I get to host SARAH DESSEN as part of The Moon And More Blog Tour

This is really actually my face right now. Friends, you know how there’s one author who might have opened the YA floodgates for you? Sarah Dessen is totally that author. I read a few of her books – notably falling head over heels for This Lullaby in high school and being sad she didn’t have a […]