Enders | Lissa Price | Book Review

Have you read Starters by Lissa Price yet? No? Okay, then stop reading this review and go read this one instead. Otherwise, YOU GUYS, Enders is the conclusion of Price’s duology and it is quite a doozy if I say so myself. Like, I am tired just thinking about it because there is SO MUCH ACTION OMG and […]

Enders by Lissa Price | Waiting On Wednesday

It’s been a super long time since I’ve participated in Waiting On Wednesday, I think this may actually be my first WoW post of 2013. Anyways, I’ve decided to participate again because highlighting upcoming books is fun and you guys I AM SO EXCITED for Enders by Lissa Price, that’s the book I am waiting on […]

Starters Lissa Price Book Review

Straight up, you can’t trust the elderly, this is an important life lesson I learned from Lissa Price’s exciting debut Starters. Like, I hate to compare books, but I feel like Starters might be 2012’s Divergent. The two books aren’t alike plot wise, but they both have that up all night quality. I mean, I […]