Third Lie’s The Charm by Lisa and Laura Roecker

Note, there will be spoilers of the previous books. Sometimes books just really click with you. It’s like you pick up a series not knowing what to expect except for crazy hair colors and that the authors are really cool humans. Then there are those other times where you fall for a series and read […]

The Lies That Bind by Lisa and Laura Roecker

Typically I would start this review off by saying OMG OMG look away, spoilers for book one, but as I have like the worst memory ever lately I will just straight up say NO WORRIES because I don’t remember all of the spoilers and secrets for The Liar Society. However, if you are terrified of being […]

The Lies That Bind Goes Hollywood

Hey all, I am kind of the worst blogger ever because I was invited on the SUPER FABULOUS vlog tour for The Lies That Bind by Lisa And Laura Roecker but I stupidly did not get around to posting the first video! Silly me! Alas, if you scroll down I have embedded the first week at […]