Fill Your Kindle | Thank Goodness It’s The Weekend Edition

Hello beautiful reader friends! I for one could not be more excited for this weekend – and the opportunity to curl up with a great book. I figure you might be in the same boat, and thought, oh hey maybe I should share some excellent Kindle deals with you.


Oh my god, oh my god you guys! Looks like my Kindle shelf is going to explode. If there ever was a perfect sale this one qualifies. OKAY so I was exploring Amazon as I am wont to do and came across an absolute extravaganza of affordable Kindle books that I have either A) actually […]

Fill Your Kindle | Deals For The Frugal Reader

YOU GUYS! Okay so I was browsing Amazon for Kindle deals like I do pretty much all the time AND I FOUND A TREASURE TROVE OF BOOKS. In particular, I can recommend Stray and For Darkness Shows The Stars – two books which were definite favorites of mine when I read them. Seriously, these deals are way […]

Fill Your Kindle: Easter 2015 Weekend Deals Under $6

Friends — it’s Easter meaning it’s a time for family and bunnies and baskets. Maybe you have kids and have spent a lot of time and effort putting a basket together for your children. Maybe you don’t have any kids at all, but still want to treat yourself. Maybe you don’t even celebrate Easter, which […]

Fill Your Kindle: March Madness Sales

It’s so hard to come up with a title for these FILL YOUR KINDLE POSTS, but you guys, instead of saying BOATS BOATS BOATS, I am saying BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS, these deals are too good to pass up. There’s a few books on sale that I am whipping my way through and totally loving, like […]

Fill Your Kindle: Three Day Weekend Reading For Under $5

Well, ignore the title of this, because I started making this post on Friday but then ended up being lazy and not getting ALL of the awesome deals I’ve found in on time. So, here are some great books on sale for under $5. The deals are likely to be time sensitive so get them […]