Finding Christmas by Karen Schaler | Book Review

I feel like I read a Karen Schaler book on an annual basis, starting with Christmas Camp, then Christmas Camp Wedding, and now this year Finding Christmas. These books read like Hallmark movies and it makes absolute sense why they do. You see, the author has written a few Christmas movies. So that expertise carries over to her books, […]

Christmas Camp Wedding by Karen Schaler | Novella Review

Christmas Camp Wedding by Karen Schaler is a bite sized sequel to Christmas Camp featuring all the same characters. On the whole, this novella just flies by. It serves as an okay epilogue but ultimately is not one of those novellas that is absolutely a must read. In this story Haley and Jeff are about to […]

Christmas Camp by Karen Schaler | Book Review

After reading Christmas Camp by Karen Schaler, I 100% want to go to a camp based around the theme of Christmas. I cracked open this book expecting to like it. All of the summary had indicators that this would be the right sort of book for me to give a shot. As it turns out though, […]