No Good Duke Goes Unpunished | Sarah MacLean | Book Review

When I am on a mini-break from work, I do not want heavy reads. When I am consuming a bottle of wine and decide, HEY LET’S READ A BOOK, I know that I want sexytimes and adults and GOWNS (and yes I totally did tweet that after finishing off a bottle of wine, while reading […]

One Good Earl Deserves A Lover | Sarah MacLean | Book Review

Why’d I Read This Book: Y’all probably already know this but when it comes to historical romance, I consider Sarah MacLean’s books to be the holy grail. Her heroines are all strong and fierce and ladies that I would totally smoke a cheroot with and sneak into gambling clubs. And her heroes, oooo girl get […]

Allison reviews Firelight by Kristen Callihan

Set in 1880’s London, Firelight by Kristen Callihan paints a picture of dismal darkness surrounded by a ray of hope and light. The vivid setting is very gothic in feel. None of the grittiness of the time period has been left out. There are cut throat men and thieves, fathers who view their daughters as […]

To Love A Thief Julie Anne Long Book Review

Sometimes I get really strong urges to read romance novels, particularly after coming off of a YA bender, I mean I like reading about teenagers but too much and they drive me up the wall. So then I feel like I absolutely need a change of pace and end up reading a romance novel. I […]

Seduction Amanda Quick Audiobook Review

As most of you know, April is kind of the “go-to” person when it comes to audiobooks. She usually has one playing in the background while she at work, or in the car, or working out, or cleaning the house. If whatever she is doing calls for an opportunity to listen to a book, April […]

One Perfect Rose Mary Jo Putney Review

Hi everyone This is an Allison review! When I first started reading One Perfect Rose by Mary Jo Putney, I wasn’t aware that it was part of a series. In fact, my copy did not have any hint at it being part of the “Fallen Angel” romance series but honestly I think it didn’t harm […]