14 Audiobooks For The YA Superfan

I feel as though we are in a golden age of audiobooks and friends, I am LIVING for it. As a resident young adult book super fan, I have listened to a TON of YA audiobooks and thought maybe this would be a great time to tell you all about them. As you saw in […]

3:59 | Gretchen McNeil | Book Review

I think that the number one takeaway I received from 3:59 by Gretchen McNeil is that if I ever see my doppelgänger, I need to kill it dead before it kills me or double-crosses me. I think that is kind of a morbid, but pretty important life lesson. McNeil’s third book has cemented her place […]

Ten Gretchen McNeil Book Review

Clearly, Halloween is in the air y’all. The other week I gobbled up Ten by Gretchen McNeil in about 15 minutes. Actually, that’s hyperbole. HOWEVER, I did manage to actually read Ten on my lunch break and then after work, when usually I spend lunch eating and decompressing, so there is that. The fact of the matter is, Ten […]

Allison reviews Possess by Gretchen McNeil

I started reading my copy of Possess by Gretchen McNeil while I was at work for an overnight shift. Probably not one of my best ideas as the creepiness factor for this story is kind of in the tens. You’ve got demons, possession, murder, mystery, and secrets galore. Definitely not the type of book I […]

Possess Gretchen McNeil Book Review

You know how sometimes you read a book at the wrong time and just cannot get into it, so you set the book aside to read at a later date and end up enjoying it immensely? This was the case for me with Possess by Gretchen McNeil. I could not get into it during August, […]