In The End by Demitria Lunetta | Book Review

In The End is the conclusion to Lunetta’s duology and wraps up events from In The After while showcasing more of the world after the floraes have decimated the population. While I was really excited to begin In The End because I love when series and books have actual endings and conclusions, I found myself not quite as engaged by this conclusion.

In The After by Demitria Lunetta | Book Review

I can’t remember the last book to give me heart palpitations and nightmares, at least, the last book before In The After by Demitria Lunetta. Friends, I had the most brilliant idea in the entire world to read this book before bed and oh my goodness, you know how when a book is scary and you can’t put it down but you really want to close your eyes or just skip really fast through the scary parts? That’s how I felt with this book.