Completely Contemporary Challenge aka Completely AWESOME Challenge

Friends, I am often very lazy when it comes to signing up for challenges. It’s why in February, I am finally signing up for a challenge that I should have signed up for in the beginning of January. One of my favorite people EVER, Shanyn is hosting an awesome challenge called the Completely Contemporary Challenge […]

Once Upon A Time Challenge: Quest The First

Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings is one of the BEST challenge hosts around. No joke. The RIP Challenge and the Once Upon A Time Challenge are so much fun to do. They are flexible challenges where you really sort of work in what you need. Anyways, I have decided to participate in Quest The First […]

Past Meets Present: Officially Declaring My Participation In Two 2011 Challenges

There is nothing I love more than a challenge and MAKING LISTS. I know many more challenges will start to appear for 2011 and I will want to participate in them. So far, though, two challenges have caught my eye. These challenges hit both ends of the YA spectrum that I quite love. First, the […]

R.eaders I.n P.eril Challenge

I have succumbed and decided to participate in a blog challenge. I really want to network and want reasons to read the bajillion books I have on my bookshelf. You can join by clicking the picture! My reading pool for the challenge includes: The Forest of Hands And Teeth by Carrie Ryan 20th Century Ghosts […]