Pupcakes by Annie England Noblin | Audiobook Review

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Pupcakes by Annie England Noblin | Audiobook ReviewPupcakes by Annie England Noblin
Narrator: Amy McFadden
Length: 9 Hours 59 Minutes
Published by HarperCollins on October 10, 2017
Genres: Fiction, Women, Holidays, Family Life
Pages: 400
Format: Audiobook, eARC
Source: Library, Publisher
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ISBN: 9780062563804

If you love dogs, if you love Christmas, you will love this book about an aging pug named Teddy Roosevelt, and his very human 'family.' 
All she wants is a settled-down life.
What she gets is a dog—and a whole new normal . . .
There he stood in the doorway: overweight, depressed and nearly homeless—a pug named Teddy Roosevelt. Teddy was Brydie Benson’s latest problem, arriving on top of her messy divorce and sudden move. Brydie needed a place to start over, so this rent-free home seemed a great idea. She just never counted on Teddy, or his owner, the Germantown Retirement Village’s toughest customer, Pauline Neumann.
And because rent-free doesn’t mean bills-free, Brydie gets a night-shift job at a big-box grocery. Whoever guessed there were so many people who wanted baked goods after midnight?
Then, she gets an idea—why not combine her baking skills with her new-found dog knowledge? And so her store Pupcakes is born. Along with a new start comes a possible new love, in the form of Nathan Reid, a local doctor with a sassy Irish Wolfhound named Sasha. And as fall turns to winter, and then to Christmas, Brydie begins to realize that life is a little bit like learning a new recipe for puff pastry—it takes a few tries to get it just right!

What Did I Think Of Pupcakes by Annie England Noblin?

Pupcakes by Annie England Noblin is such a sweet, fun read. I found myself genuinely surprised and pleased at how much I enjoyed this book. Granted, I am such a sucker for books about people and dogs and healing. However, this book is quite soothing to read.

Annie England Noblin’s Pupcakes starts prior to Halloween. It’s about this woman named Brydie Benson who is going through a divorce. She’s been staying with her best friend who is a realtor with a kid and married. Eventually, the best friend is all you have to go. And she helps Brydie find a new place to stay. Lucky for her, she’s found a house Brydie can stay in rent free. There’s a catch though. Brydie has to take care of an aging pug named Teddy Roosevelt. She has to bring him once a week to visit his owner and the home’s owner in the nursing home, Pauline.

As it turns out though, taking care of Teddy Roosevelt helps Brydie begin to heal as well as make new friends. However, even though Brydie’s rent is free, she still has other expenses. So she gets a job in the bakery of one of those superstores. What unfolds is a story with an eccentric cast of characters and a sweet love story between Brydie and a doctor – who happens to own an Irish wolfhound who is quite the outsized character. I just loved this book. It’s cozy and warm and packed with baked goods and peace.

How’s The Narration?

The audiobook of Pupcakes is narrated by Amy McFadden. It’s essentially ten hours long. Of course, I listened to it sped up a little and had zero troubles following along. I also at times listened to it at a normal 1x speed. I thought McFadden did a superb job with the narration. This audiobook had me so invested. I’d absolutely recommend you put this on your holiday listening list.

On A Scale of One To Buddy The Elf, How Much Christmas Spirit Does This Book Have?

So, Pupcakes covers basically the whole holiday season. There’s a lot of joy in this book – including a wonderful Thanksgiving. It isn’t solely focused on Christmas, so it isn’t at that Buddy The Elf level. However, there’s a lot of baking. There’s thoughtfulness in this book. And it definitely hits those emotional heart strings.

Pupcakes by Annie England Noblin is such a sweet, fun read. I found myself genuinely surprised and pleased at how much I enjoyed this book.

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