Fill Your Kindle: Best Deals Under $5

Thank goodness it is the weekend. I feel like I have been waiting FOREVER for it to get here, ya know? Anyways, I have already treated myself with a few of these Kindle deals – because as you will notice – the first few books are FREE Christmas romances and given that I love the holidays, I am not about to turn that magic down. I actually I am really excited about this crop of books because I have read a lot of them – the Harper Teen books in particular or I am currently reading one Legacy of Kings. Anyways, these deals are really great and I won’t lie, I have a lot of fun with the thrill of the hunt as far as hunting down inexpensive Kindle books for you periodically. At the very bottom, I have linked to some Kindles, if you do not already have a device. I would recommend one – I have two – a Fire and the regular Kindle. Enjoy the deals and thank you so much for supporting Good Books & Good Wine.

Fill Your Kindle | These deals are amazing. They range from free to $5. This is the perfect site for the frugal book worm.

Kindles For Sale:

Also, these Kindle deals make GREAT stocking stuffers for anyone who is trying to KonMari their things – you see, you buy them the Kindle book as a gift and then you make it so the gift does not deliver until December 25th, then you could print off a picture of a Kindle or something cute like a tag that says check your Kindle and/or email and then boom, there is the book AND it does not take up any physical space.

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  1. Am I missing the links to the deals, or did something not post properly? I was enticed by the promise of free Christmas romances! 😉


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