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There are times where I basically pick up a book to read on the basis of it being short. I realize that is not always the best thing to look for, but there it is. I do that. And yes, it totally does set me up to fail, at least as far as my enjoyment level goes. Sometimes I really like and respect the book, other times I am left feeling kind of meh. And then sad that I passed over something longer that might be great for the shorter book.†OCD, The Dude, And Me by Lauren Roedy Vaughn is a book that I really honestly picked up just because it was short. Beyond the length, the biggest appealing factor to me was the whole epistolary style of the book — I LOVE those kinds of books you guys. Unfortunately, I am not entirely in love with†OCD, The Dude, And Me. I found it to be a kind of middling read. Yet, there are totally going to be people out there where this book will be their thing. Just not me.

OCD, The Dude, And Me by Lauren Roedy Vaughn | Good Books And Good Wine

Danielle Levine goes to an alternate school. Like, her school is not even normal. Anyways, she has like no friends and is kind of weird and does not fit in at all. She’s very socially awkward.†OCD, The Dude, And Me is told through Danielle’s essays to her English teacher. Her essays are raw and honest and totally do not hold back at all. Unfortunately, because she is so honest, she is referred to a social skills class and to the school psychologist – where, she interacts and is treated by exchanging notes, because that is what makes her comfortable. Vaughn’s debut basically spans a year and really probes Danielle’s life. It’s a totally unflinching read but again, not one that I fell in love with or anything as evidenced by my long procrastination on writing the review.

To be honest, it’s been awhile so I don’t remember a ton. What I do remember is cringing a lot at Danielle because she is socially awkward and weird. I do remember though, that she’s also kind of spicy and has an attitude which was something that I DID like about her. I liked that she swore in her essays, that’s something I respect as a person with a mouth like a sailor. I also really liked that she wasn’t your typical heroine – she’s plus sized, she has red hair, she has no friends, at least at the beginning of the book. She also is someone who has OCD. Plus, the change that†The Big Lebowski brings in her is really cool. However, I can’t speak to the accuracy of the portrayal of being OCD or being plus-sized as I have neither OCD nor am I plus sized person. I will state though, that I found Danielle to be an empathetic character, and I don’t know, just overall I liked her even though I totally did cringe during many, many sections of the book.

Roedy’s debut,†OCD, The Dude, And Me is a fast paced read perfect for reluctant readers who might be on the fringes of their hallway societies. It’s a triumph of weirdos and being unique. OH OH AND I AM JUST NOW REMEMBERING! There is one part where Danielle goes to England with her class and makes friends with an old lady named Justine and they become penpals. Guys, I loved that part. Yes I did. Wow, how did I forget that up until this second? See, this book has quirky moments, like you know being penpals with the elderly. I guess yes, I would totally read other books by Lauren Roedy Vaughn. However, there’s definitely room to grow. Ultimately though, this book abides.

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  1. I pretty much felt the same way about this book that you did. Promising, but also just not for me. I will say the end lost me even more when that whole thing about Danielle and her childhood friend sneaking out happened. I just thought it came out of no where.
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