2013 Recap

So, I was visiting my friend Aimee’s blog FunFitGirl today and saw her 2013 recap post. I loved the concept as 2013 was also a huge year for me. Here is my recap!


I spent a week in Hollywood, California with two of my best friends. I also planned the entire trip on my own- something I haven’t done before. The best part was riding horses past the Hollywood Sign.

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An opportunity came up to work as a marketing intern at an engineering firm about an hour away from where I lived. I was always looking for opportunities to expand my career and it was located in a city I was thinking about moving to after I graduated in May. I took the position and worked 3 jobs from February until May. I was a building manager at the student union on campus, a customer service associate at Lowe’s and a marketing intern. I was working 50-60 hour weeks on top of school. It was rough but well worth it because….

photo (9)


At the end of March, I was offered a full-time job at the engineering firm as a marketing assistant! I accepted the offer and still work there today. I was the only person out of my friends that had a job lined up before graduation. It was a great feeling! Those 50-60 hour weeks paid off!

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 9.20.23 PM


I had to quit my part-time job at Lowe’s. It was a really bittersweet experience. I made some great friends there that I hope I will always stay in touch with. Also, I actually had a lot of fun working there. This is the only picture I could find, I cut my tongue on a jolly rancher during one shift.


I also did a year long public relations research project and got to present my findings during the student creative research day. This was definitely one of the highlights of my college career.



I traded in my 2006 Ford Five Hundred for a 2011 Hyundai Elantra… Meet Liara! I am absolutely in love with this car. The inside console reminds me of a space ship… Hence the Mass Effect name 😉


I also graduated college with a Bachelor’s of Science in Communication Studies & minors in Computer Art and Public Relations!



I celebrated my two year anniversary with Ryan. This picture is a few months after we started dating in 2011.



I had my first surgery! I had to have an impacted tooth removed. The surgery went longer than expected since they ran into some complications. I find my tweets while on powerful pain relievers pretty funny.



Moved into my first apartment on my own in the “real world” aka outside of college


At age 22, I had braces put on! I’ve been wanting to get my teeth straightened for over ten years. I am not ashamed to be so old with a metal mouth!

photo (6)

I also went to Colorado to visit one of my favorite people I met in college… Aimee!

884402_10152156857168047_1414092062_ophoto (7)


I started my fitness journey in September. I began with yoga classes through a local community college, progressed to Blogilates, and now I run. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to have begun living a healthier lifestyle. I love that I can walk up a flight of stairs without running out of breath and that I can now run two miles without stopping. It’s the little things!



I honestly can’t think of anything special from October. I’ve decided to just give you a funny video of my cat from my lunch break today. She is a weirdo.


I joined Good Books and Good Wine with April and Allison! I’ve been contemplating starting a blog of my own for a long time but I’m so happy April offered up a spot on her blog. I can blog about anything and everything without the pressure of posting a certain number of posts a week. I’ve been loving it so far!



I spent a weekend in NYC visiting my two best friends. We also brought along a friend from Japan and did some tourist attractions for him. It was great weekend and a nice way to end 2013.

photo (5)


All in all, it was a great year full of hard work, fun, and changes! 2014 is off to a wonderful start so far. I’ve signed up for my first 5k – a Color Run in April. I’m currently training 3 days a week for it. I crossed my milestone of running 2 miles without stopping tonight! I love setting goals for myself, it gives me something to look forward to. What did you all accomplish in 2013?

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Cassie is a 24 year old working full-time in the marketing industry. In her spare time she likes to play video games, read books, exercise, and cuddle with her cat.

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Cassie is a 24 year old working full-time in the marketing industry. In her spare time she likes to play video games, read books, exercise, and cuddle with her cat.


  1. Sounds like 2013 was a great year for you. Congrats on the job and graduation!

  2. I basically accomplished nothing. LOL.

    Well, I moved and changed jobs. The end.

  3. Wow! What an eventful year! I like your little blurb on October. ahaha

  4. Man, it certainly sounds like you did a lot over 2013! I hope next year is just as/more awesome than 2013.

  5. That was a terrific year in review. You accomplished so much and should be quite proud. I live near Hollywood and have to say that I have never ridden horses underneath the Hollywood sign. Sounds really cool. I have run underneath it many times and wish you the best on your first 5K!

    • Thank you! It will be hard for another year to top it for sure. Oh wow I am jealous! I loved California. We actually heard about the horse ride from our host at the Hard Rock Cafe. If I remember correctly, we did it through Sunset Ranch. We didn’t get as close to the sign as we would’ve liked, but it was still amazing! Thank you so much! I’m nervous but very excited at the same time!

  6. Wow, you’ve had a very busy year!!! and I love this post idea. 🙂 Those pics from Colorado are beautiful.

    And … I love that you cut yourself on a jolly rancher. I have done that before and I thought it was a fluke and couldn’t possibly happen to normal people. lol.

    • I really did, haha! Right? As soon as I saw it on my friend’s blog, I had to do it too! Ugh, I know! I loved Colorado. I am dying to visit again!

      Lol I thought that too! I kept joking that my coworker put a razor blade in it!