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I kind of hate writing the intro to reviews of books that I am decidedly ambivalent toward. It’s with a bit of a heavy heart that I have to announce to you all that I kind of did not love The Keepers: Christmas In Salem, this anthology of four interlocking stories that basically pick up the plot thread with new characters at all. I found this book to be plodding, repetitive, and frankly, boring. Look, I gave it a chance, but it turns out that I just don’t care how hunky supernatural dudes and their lady-friends spend Christmas. HOWEVER, what I will admit to is that the whole world building is cool, just I thought the book wasn’t all that well developed.

The Keepers: Christmas In Salem | Good Books And Good Wine

Do You Fear What I Fear by Heather Graham

The first story in The Keepers: Christmas In Salem is by Heather Graham and it’s about this woman named Samantha. She is the leader of the Keepers and more specifically, the vampires are her charges. Anyways, she’s getting ready to have this boss Christmas party at her housing – blending Other with human and all sorts of religions, when OH NO a vampire has gone rogue and bitten someone. She has to go investigate that. Meanwhile, Salem is super dark, like the sun hasn’t risen in awhile and that is affecting people. Samantha has got a lot on her hands. So, she tries to solve the mystery and receives assistance from her ex-boyfriend, a vampire named Daniel. The two still have feelings for each other but fight them. Honestly, this story was okay.

The Fright Before Christmas by Deborah Leblanc

The Fright Before Christmas picks up the thread where Do You Fear What I Fear leaves off. Keeper Rebekah is from Malta and has not inherited her position but has had to work for it. Anyways, she arranges for a meeting of the different elementals at the gazebo in a park to try and feel out what is causing the change. She sees old rival and former friend, Vaughn who is there to offer help. It turns out that one of the Elder elemental’s charges has tried to transmute and is stuck in a cave. If this elemental doesn’t turn back, all the black holes in the galaxy will get messed up. OH and Vaughn “likes” Rebekah. Y’all, the paranormal things were too weird for me with this story. Meh.

Unholy Night by Kathleen Pickering

Katie Sue is Samantha’s cousin. She is the Keeper of the selkies. Every seven years she gets to see her lover Jett, because he turns from selkie to human. So, after making love with him on a public beach, LOL, his selkie coat goes missing and the two have to find it. Katie has quite the dilemma, stay with Jett and demand he become human or move on because it’s just not worth the heartache to her anymore. OH and also she might have the gene to become a selkie. This story narrows down the list of who the culprit behind the darkness might be.

Stalking In A Winter Wonderland by Beth Ciotta

Finally, Ciotta’s Stalking In A Winter Wonderland ties up the running plot thread and we get a resolution and find out who is causing perpetual night. Also, this story’s heroine is the Keeper of the witches, June. She used to love this guy named Baz but then she thought he put a love spell on her or like only loved her because of a spell and not because of who she is, so pissed off she left him. But it turns out he has always carried a torch for her. And a happy ending for all is had. I didn’t mind this story, I thought the heroine, June, was probably the most developed of the four Keepers. Also, I liked her romance.

In all though, I would honestly probably NOT recommend this anthology.

Disclosure: Review Copy Obtained Via Netgalley

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  1. You know what? I really think the summaries you gave are pretty much all I need to read to have “read” this anthology, if that makes any sense at all. I think it could potentially have been interesting, but something feels strange about this collection of stories. Sad to hear it wasn’t enjoyable!
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