Pretty Much You Need To Sign Up For UPS My Choice

YOU GUYS! OH MY GOD. Okay, so the other day I was talking to Shanyn in G-chat and we were talking about books and packages like we typically do, and she just pulls this phrase out on me — oh such and such is sending me a package next week. And I am like ARE YOU A FORTUNE TELLER? And she is all no. I have UPS My Choice. And I am like WHAT IS THIS? At that point I had googly eyes in real life.

German Shepherd UPS

Book bloggers, you are going to love this. Okay, so UPS My Choice is a service you can sign up for through UPS and it has you do the regular registration things, then you have to verify your identity — mine asked me about my car and where I’ve lived before. There’s a choice to join the premium program or to just stick with the free. I stuck with the free. AND OH MY GOD IT IS SO WORTH IT.

Okay, so ha ha you are probably like oh my goodness April stop your inane rambling and get to the point. Okay, so UPS My Choice is a program where if you pay for it, you can schedule things to be delivered at certain times. The free version though, tells you when someone has printed out a UPS label with your name and address on it, and then it tells you when your delivery is coming and gives you a tracking number. LIKE YOU GUYS if publishers send you things, UPS emails you, tells you the weight of the package, who it is from and the expected delivery date FOR FREE. So now, like I know when to make myself wait on edge for the UPS guy. Like, yesterday I got some emails of delivery alerts from My Choice and did a total happy dance as I am wont to do.

Seriously, Shanyn just changed my life for the way better.

You can sign up for My Choice by clicking here. And I’m actually not an affiliate for it, but it kind of changed my life in the course of a single day so of course I need to tell you all about it.

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  1. OH MY GOD, what is this awesomeness? I will sign up right the hell now. I recognize the pitch of the UPS truck now and stare through the blinds like a creeper hoping it will stop. For my sanity, I think I should know ahead of time.

  2. Thanks April! Just signed up! So excited!

  3. This is FANTASTIC information for book bloggers! Thank you so much for sharing it! I signed up immediately! 🙂

  4. So now you get to happy dance when you get the email AND when you get the package! Sounds great. Thanks for the tip. Also, I love the new look for your blog. Have I just been unobservant, or is this new?

  5. Ginger @ GReads! says

    Ha! Someone told me about this awhile ago & I signed up. It’s such a convenient thing to have.. especially for someone like me who is never home when deliveries are made. At least I know to swing by my building’s office on the way home to pick up packages!

  6. Sarah (Clear Eyes, Full Shelves) says

    I signed up awhile back and it’s pretty much life changing. I second your endorsement.

  7. HOLY CRAP 0_O

    This is a game changer! I have a stop sign right in front of my house, so if the UPS guy doesn’t stop and get out it’s even more of a tease! I’m signing up right now. Thanks for passing this info along, April!

  8. This makes me insanely happy for some reason. I’m glad you decided to share about it on your blog today!

  9. I think MyChoice is the BEST THING EVER!! I’ve been a member for nearly a year now (thanks to selling Scentsy) and I just love it!! (Plus, I no longer get all excited when I see Mr. UPS at the neighbors house, then feel the let down when he doesn’t stop at my house too.)
    -Jac @ For Love and Books

  10. Pam Jeffrey says

    Ha Ha. This photo cracked me up! That’s exactly how I feel when I see the delivery truck and I’m expecting books. Makes me happy to read the other comments and realize I’m not the only one who does this.

  11. YES!! This service is FANTASTIC!! When I moved from my apt to my new house last year, the paid version of this save my blogging life! I was able to re-route packages that were still being sent to my old address to my new one. I love it love it love it!

  12. WOW!
    That is awesome! I keep waiting for the day our postal service’s tracking system actually works! I can’t even dream of something like that.

  13. Ahhhhh! Going to sign up right now!!!

  14. Wholeheartedly agree! I signed up for it before the holidays and it is just amazing. Truly life-changing. Also, if you pay a nominal annual fee, you can opt to have packages rescheduled or rerouted if you are out of town or otherwise won’t be home.

  15. Ok yay done, thanks!!

  16. WOO SIGNED UP! Thanks for the tip!


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