Books I Have No Intention Of Reading Giveaway

Y’all, sometimes books show up in my mailbox and I just don’t feel drawn to them. So then they end up taking up shelf space in my house and fill my conscience with guilt over the fact that I just plain do not care to read them or check them out. Usually, there’s someone I know who will take them off my hands. In this case, I have no idea who to ask and so I figured, hey why not give these away on my blog. I am sure one of you might want these books or you might know someone who would appreciate them or have patrons or students who would be into this and there is absolutely no shame in that.

So, the books I’m giving away:

Books I Have No Intention Of Reading

I’m going to do two prize packs!

Prize pack one contains:

Prize pack two contains:

Both prize packs are US only because Christmas has cleaned me out of money! Boo.

To enter, I have two rafflecopters, but I’ve decided to keep it to four entries – 1 free entry, 1 for being a facebook fan and 2 for following Allison and I on twitter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I too got 2 copies of the JB and One Direction books..I am not a teenager and both JB and 1D makes my ears bleed. 🙁 I am giving my books away to a friend who DOES have a daughter that loves BOTH so at least I have that..Good idea about a giveaway like this though!

  2. I can see why you are giving these away. For once I’m not interested in one of your giveaways. lol.

    I do have a co worker who has a daughter that likes them, but her mom can be a little crazy ( I have stories), so I’ll be passing on this one. 🙂

  3. I understand why you’re giving these away. I wish I could say I wanted them. But thanks for the giveaway anyways! 😀 And I’m sure tons of people will jump on this.

  4. If I win either of these, I will officially be the most popular adult co-host on my youth radio show (of course, I’m also the ONLY adult co-host on the radio show, but…). Those tweens love them some 1D!

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