A Laird For All Time Angeline Fortin Book Review

Are you looking for a cheap historical romance to help you pass the time? Especially if it’s one that has plenty of sexy times? Well, I have just the book for you! A Laird For All Time by Angeline Fortin is pretty lengthy but it is also a relatively quick self-published read. It is a little slow at times but the chemistry of the two main characters easily makes up for that. Their fire and their passion literally jumps off the page as you read it!

Emmy and Connor meet under the most of unusual circumstances. How unusual you say? Well…it all happens when Emmy, a recent American graduate of medical school, gets caught up in a perceived random twist of fate while on vacation in Scotland, and is thrown back 100 years in time. Once there, she comes face to face with Highlander Connor Maclean who believes that he has come face to face with the bride that ran out on him on their wedding night ten years ago. From the moment they meet their “reunion” is fraught with tensions, questions, and misunderstandings as Emmy tries to convince Connor that she is NOT who he thinks she really is. Of course, fate may have other plans for the two of them as well…

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The heroine of A Laird For All Time is a character that doesn’t hold back. She’s very brash which gets her into a few different awkward situations in Victorian Scotland. There are times when she really doesn’t have a filter, which also causes several humorous scenes. As a modern day OBGYN, the lack of modern medication and surgical techniques makes Emmy cringe as she attempts to adapt to them. So do the fashion choices. The other characters refer to her as a midwife which greatly offends her because she takes such pride in her work.  Of all the characters in the story, Connor is the one who really doesn’t know how to react to her, especially when he finds himself so attracted to her.

Connor is intense. If you can picture the normal sexy Scottish rogue in your mind, you most likely will have a picture of him. He is just as brash as Emmy only without the modern twist. As the acting laird of the land, he feels that he is expected to act a certain way. He is a very proud man, and holds alot of resentment for what happened to him in the past. He is also a little pigheaded and of course, he has his views on what a proper woman should be like, and he is completely thrown for a loop as Emmy does not match any of those ideals. Connor cannot believe how easily she is willing to argue with him and how she will not back down to anything. Nor can he believe how attractive this makes her to him, especially as he believes that she is the woman who ran out on him all those years ago.

I liked the way that Angeline Fortin created the romance of Connor and Emmy. It was far from an easy journey. There was confusion and misunderstandings all wrapped up within their overt sexual tension. Some of the confusion was based on the mistaken identity. Some of the misunderstandings were based on the time change. There are two different worlds trying to mesh here, and it is definitely not always an uncomplicated thing regardless of the amount of chemistry that the two characters may have. There are also a few supporting characters who add to the story, and who often unwittingly help set in motion the relationship of Connor and Emmy.

The ending of A Laird For All Time contains a twist which I really did not see coming. I mean, I questioned an aspect of it but over all I did not see it coming which was a nice surprise. There are a few editing errors within the text of the story but if you are able to ignore them I think you will find this story to be easily enjoyable.  If you are looking for a simple time traveling story filled with humor, romance, and sexy times, and that is only 99 cents, A Laird For All Time may just be the book for you.

Disclosure: Purchased for my Nook

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  1. This sounds quite delicious! I love romance novels, and even more so when there is some kind of time travel involved 😀 I like it even more when it’s the heroine who travels through time, it makes for very interesting interactions when a modern, liberated woman interacts with men of a more patriarchal time IMO.

    Great review – added to my TBR.

  2. BAHAHAHAHA, this cover. I can’t even.