2012 Penguin Putnam Warehouse Sale Haul

Remember how I posted a few weeks ago about the annual Penguin Putnam warehouse sale in upstate NY? Well, I went last week on Monday and wanted to share my haul with you. I will be doing IMM separately because I don’t want the books from this haul to overshadow the books I got in IMM, because there’s a lot and so the IMM books will get lost in the shuffle if I don’t post separately.

Penguin Putnam 2012 Book Sale Haul

A Tale Dark & Grimm by Adam Giddwitz — Ahhhh, I loved this book when I read it for the CYBILS last year and so, when I found it, I threw it in my box!

Hope Was Here by Joan Bauer – Basically this is about a NYC girl who moves to Wisconsin to help run a dinner with her aunt, and well, sign me up because I love books about dinners.

Stand Tall by Joan Bauer – This is about a boy named Tree who has to help his grandfather, a Vietnam War veteran learn to walk again. I love the sound of this one.

The Difference Between You And Me by Madeline George – I borrowed this from the library once and returned it overdue and unread. I kind of bought so that I NEVER have to worry about returning it overdue again, ha ha.

Dogsbody by Diana Wynne Jones – I don’t even know what this is about, but it meets three things I am interested in: 1)Neil Gaiman intro, 2)Written by DWJ, 3) Dogs. THE END.

Lola And The Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins – AHHH Cricket! And Lola! I LOVED this book and bought 2 copies — one for myself and one to giveaway.

Gilt by Katherine Longshore – Oh, you guys, I cannot even begin to describe how much I enjoyed Gilt, so I was pumped to add it to my shelf and to grab a copy to giveaway eventually.

Try Not To Breathe by Jennifer Hubbard – A YA about a depressed boy. I liked The Secret Year so had no guilt over picking this one up.

Snow In Summer by Jane Yolen – I won’t lie, I bought this strictly on the cover.

The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead – GOTTA OWN THEM ALLLL. Also, I was a fan when I read and reviewed The Golden Lily.

Eona by Alison Goodman – I freakin did jazz hands over this book, so yes, now it will live in my bookcase forever and ever.

Secrets At Sea by Richard Peck – Whatever you guys, mice on a ship and middle grade. UH YES ALL THE TIME.

The Fingertips of Duncan Dorfman by Meg Wolitzer – Okay another book I strictly bought based on the cover. ALSO. It is signed.

Ripple by Mandy Hubbard – Um what? A girl who is a siren and cursed. Okay sure I will buy this.

Crossing Over by Anna Kendall – I remember this book being big on the Waiting On Wednesday circuit but not seeing a lot of reviews. So, I bought it.

The Edge Of Nowhere by Elizabeth George – PRETTY COVER WITH TREES HOLLAAAAA.

Tokyo Heist by Diana Renn – Comparison to Heist Society? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

Remarkable by Lizzie K. Foley – Hello gorgeous cover and lovely looking middle grade book.

Vampire Academy: A Graphic Novel adapted by Leigh Dragoon based on the series by Richelle Mead – I bought two copies because come on, it’s a comic book adaptation of one of my favorite series, plus I am pretty sure you lovely readers would like to try it.

Frostbite: A Vampire Academy Graphic Novel adapted by Leigh Dragoon based on the series by Richelle Mead – Ditto what I said above.

There Is No Dog by Meg Rosoff – Obvi, it’s Meg Rosoff. The end.

Where She Went by Gayle Forman – I LOVE THIS BOOK and now I own it and have another copy to give away.

My Life In Black And White by Natasha Friend – So, there’s a car accident in this book and a girl loses her beauty which defines her and is questioning who she is. Yep, I snatched this up.

Bloodrose by Andrea Cremer – To be 100% honest, I didn’t like Wolfsbane and found it kind of anticlimactic, but I am curious as to how the trilogy plays out and this was only $1.

Playing With The Boys by Liz Tigelaar – Ohhhh a book I’ve never heard of with an athletic female main character!

Rosebush by Michelle Jaffe – FYA gave this a good review way back in the day.

Karma by Cathy Ostlere – Pretty cover, historical fiction, and set in India. Yes.

Anna And The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins – Great book, I already own a copy but I wanted one to give away.

Legacy Of Tril: Soulbound by Heather Brewer – Ooooo girl with sword on the cover, but I don’t get why she has chain-mail over her eyes, that’s kind of weird.

Origin by Jessica Khoury – Shelf candy! Plus a duplicate for giveaway.

The Dark City by Catherine Fisher (Relic Master Book 1) – This series was nominated for a CYBILS award last year and I never read it, no time like the present though, eh?

The Lost Heiress by Catherine Fisher (Relic Master Book 2) – Ditto.

The Hidden Coronet by Catherine Fisher (Relic Master Book 3) – Ditto again.

The Margrave by Catherine Fisher (Relic Master Book 4) – And a final ditto.

The Catastrophic History Of You And Me by Jess Rothenberg – I’ve had good luck with the Paper Lantern Lit books, so I am looking forward to finally reading this.

Rift by Andrea Cremer – I love this cover and hey, I might like it better than the second Nightshade book. Keeping my mind OPEN.

Elizabeth I by Margaret George audiobook – I almost didn’t get this because a lady picked it up to look at it, but then she put it down without taking it and I stealthily grabbed it. I’m excited because I want to try Margaret George, but committing the time makes me nervous, so yay 31 hour audiobook!

Beneath A Meth Moon by Jacqueline Woodson – I will buy any and all books by Jacqueline Woodson. She doesn’t get enough love.

Harbinger by Sara Wilson Etienne – I just know I love the cover and some of my friends were lukewarm.

Dragon Castle by Joseph Bruchac – Another book I borrowed from the library and returned unread and late multiple times. BUT NOW I OWN IT. Plus, this was a CYBILS nominee in 2011.

This One Time With Julia by David Lampson – I like the cover and it’s contemp and creepy.

Dragonswood by Janet Lee Carey – I love love love the cover of this. And I cannot resist a YA fantasy, ever.

The Space Between by Brenna Yovanoff – I enjoyed The Replacement so I am willing to give this a chance.

The Final Four by Paul Volponi – I shall always love books about sports. Always.

Deadweather And Sunrise by Geoff Rodkey – I know nothing about this except that the cover converted me.

The Apothecary by Malie Meloy – BIRDS! Plus I love how the finished copy looks. I bought an extra copy to give away eventually.

The Rules Of Survival by Nancy Werlin – I liked Extraordinary, so I figured I’d like Werlin’s style enough to try The Rules Of Survival. Plus it was cheap so I bought an additional copy for giveaway.

Chime by Franny Billingsley – Would you believe that I yelled CHIME when I saw this? I get loudly excited over good books y’all.

Amelia Anne Is Dead And Gone by Kat Rosenfield – Lots of buzz for this one!

Bloodlines by Richelle Mead – I was a bit lukewarm on this, but I am one of those people who needs complete series on my shelves.

Immortal City by Scott Speer – I haven’t heard much about this, but I liked the cover ha ha.

Anne Of Green Gables by LM Montgomery illustrated by Jody Lee – I already own and have loved reading Anne Of Green Gables, but my copy is a mass market and this is a hardcover, illustrated copy. So obvs I snatched it up.

Chopsticks by Jessica Anthony and Rodrigo Corral – I love the concept of this book, and well picked up 2 copies.

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens illustrated by Robert Ingpen – Yes, I totally fall for the illustrated version of classics that I already own both as paper copies AND audiobooks.

Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle – I pretty much purchased this to give it away.

Sweet Spot by Kate Angell – An adult contemporary romance where the main character is a lawyer who hooks up with a baseball player at a costume party? Sign me up, bro.

Melt Into You by Lisa Plumley – I chose this sole because it’s an adult contemporary romance and I never read enough of those.

About That Night by Julie James – Chachic is a fan of Julie James and that’s enough for me.

Destiny by Carly Phillips – I’m pretty sure there was an ad for this on one of the romance blogs I read, so I bought it based on recognition.

Karma by Carly Phillips – Also purchased because I’m like what if I like Destiny? Then I will kick myself for not buying the other book by Phillips.

Slow Ride by Erin McCarthy – I’m easily taken in by a black dress, jeans and t-shirt.

Due Or Die by Jenn McKinlay – Dog on the cover with a library-esque theme? Pure impulse purchase.

Highlander For The Holidays by Janet Chapman – My love of big dogs knows no bounds. This book also had a dog on the cover and looks to be a romance.

The Accidental Courtesan by Cheryl Ann Smith – I’ll try almost any inexpensive historical romance once.

A Scandalous Countess by Jo Beverly – Scandal. Boom buzz word.

Rose Daughter by Robin McKinley – This has been on my wish list FOREVER.

Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews – I own other books in this series.

Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews – Ditto.

Kiss Of Death by Rachel Caine – So, Makeshift Jen is a fan of this series and I saw it while I was walking by the mass markets and there was a lot of line pressure so I just grabbed it even though I have not read the others.

Beguiling The Beauty by Sherry Thomas – Historical romance with a red cover. Hello I am a magpie.

Heroes At Odds by Moira J. Moore – Pretty sure Angie at Angieville is a fan of this series/these books, so I bought this one.

I bought two box sets that contain the Dresden Files books by Jim Butcher, because I’ve heard so many good things – so box set one has Storm Front, Fool Moon, and Grave Peril. Box set two contains Blood Rites, Death Masks, and Summer Knight.

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April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.
About April (Books&Wine)

April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.


  1. THAT’S IT. I’m going next year. TRY AND HOLD ME BACK, BRO. Etc. But for real. Awesome, awesome, awesome stack of books.

    • I am pretty sure you will see it as a little slice of heaven because the YA/middle grade aisles are THE BIGGEST. Plus there is an entire aisle devoted to Nancy fricken Drew herself.

  2. WOW, Freaking awesome!! Wish they had a warehouse here in RI! I would be broke! lol Enjoy your awesome books!!!

    • Ha ha, it was totally awesome. I feel like RI isn’t too terribly far of a drive from upstate NY, you should try and make it out for next year’s sale. It’s totally worth it. 🙂

  3. So here’s my question: How did you carry them all?? Also yey Magic books 😀 They are soooo good!

  4. OMG! HOW did you get them all home?? That stack is so big you could die if it fell on you!
    Also, I’m showing this to the boyfriend so he can see I’m not alone in my book buying habits 🙂
    But seriously, that has got to be the BEST BOOK SALE EVER! You’ve got some insanely amazing titles! I have so much love for Gilt!

  5. 0-0 wow that is a lot of books

  6. o.O

    It’s so pretty!! Goodness, girl, you did awesome at this sale! I really wish I weren’t afraid to drive off this stupid island…that drive might just be worth it.

  7. My eyes are like saucers right now. Best for me I didn’t go to this, because I do not have anything like enough room in my apartment to deal with the probably fallout of knowing about such an event. Wow. That is amazing and glorious.

  8. Ahh so much love for Stephanie Perkins. I definitely loved Chime as well. I wasn’t such a huge fan of The Difference Between You and Me. I had one small problem with Bloodrose, but then again I adored Wolfsbane, so who knows you’ll feel.

    Epic haul, April!

  9. This is one of the best/most insane book piles I’ve ever seen. I am going back to read your other post now because I have to know more about this majestic event. I’m totally jealous but awed by how much amazing stuff you picked up.

  10. I loved Catastrophic History! It’s not a Paper Lantern Lit book, btw. It’s all Jess!

  11. That has the be the most amazing haul I’ve seen in a really long time!! 😀

  12. Holy cow!! Pretty sure I gaped at the picture for a full twenty seconds. Also, I have a sudden desire to live in upstate NY. Awesome haul! There are several awesome books on there. Enjoy! 🙂

  13. Dude, book envy right here! I want more than half of what you got!

  14. My goodness. I’ve never seen such a HUGE and EPIC book haul. *eyes bulge* Go April! Woohoo!

    Loved The Catastrophic History Of You And Me! I also loved The Secret Year so I can’t wait to see what you think of you her sophomore novel. I’m looking forward to reading The Difference Between You And Me, Tokyo Heist, Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone(!) and Chopsticks which by the way sounds really cool so I look forward to your reivews! Really enjoyed Gilt and you can never ever have enough Stephanie Perkins to go round 😀

    I wish we had book sales like that over here in Australia…

  15. OMG. Total book envy here. These books look awesome. I hope you love all of them.


  16. Oh my bright shining stars in the sky! Will I ever see this many books stacked together as some sort of haul like this again? I THINK NOT. April, you are a readenator.

  17. Awesome list! Totally jealous over here! 😀

  18. You are SO lucky you get to go to this sale. It’s a New York thing, right? Anyway…

    There are a ton of fantastic books here, some I loved, and some I haven’t read yet, but I am commenting on the Relic Master series that you bought. I LOVE THEM. Like, ADORE them. If you like MG fantasy, I think you will really like them. And I haven’t even read Incarceron.

    I have only read books one and two but I loved them both. The storytelling and world-building are like WHOA. I can’t wait to see what you think of them.

    AWESOME haul, April.

  19. WOW. Just wow. This is insane! So these books were super cheap or there were just so many? Never heard of a warehouse sale. Need to go to one of these, but I might spend all my money. Eek…great haul April!

  20. Wow, amazing haul there! I’m afraid to know how much you spent. LOL. I wish I had that oppty here in FL.


  22. Nice haul! I didn’t see Hope Was Here when I was at the sale. I love that boo! I have read tons by Joan Bauer, but I think Hope Was Here is my favorite. It is a Newbery Honor, I think.

    I did get a different Joan Bauer book that I haven’t read yet, though. I’m excited to read that one.

  23. I LOVE Julie James. LOVE LOOOOVE LOOVE her. Absolutely and positively 120% adore her. She’s my second favorite author. Her books are THE best contemporary romance novels you’ll find.

    I have not read Beguiling the Beauty yet but I read the one after it, Ravishing the Heiress which was soooo good. Sherry Thomas’s historicals are pretty epic.

    I need to read Gilt and the Bloodlines series! I miss Adrian but I hate waiting for new releases to come out. But oh!! The fourth book of the Bloodlines series will be told from Sydney and Adrian’s POV. oh man, oh man I need to get on reading these two books.

    What an awesome sale 😀

    (p.s. I love Julie James ;D)

  24. Oh wow, that’s a huge pile of books! So many good ones in there. Love that there’s Robin McKinley and Ilona Andrews and Stephanie Perkins and so many others.

  25. Wow, this looks amazing! I wish I could go to this sale!


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