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As most of you know, April is kind of the “go-to” person when it comes to audiobooks. She usually has one playing in the background while she at work, or in the car, or working out, or cleaning the house. If whatever she is doing calls for an opportunity to listen to a book, April is usually taking complete advantage of it. Of course, she has been trying to convince me that I should join in on the fun and start listening to audiobooks too. Admittedly, I didn’t really listen to her at first but one time I was at the library and I came across their new Playaway section, and I decided to give audiobooks a try with Seduction by Amanda Quick.
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Seduction is narrated by Anne Flosnik, and it is the story of Julian, Earl of Ravenwood and his new bride Sophy Dorring. Even though he is flanked with rumors of his first wife’s death, Sophy agrees to marry Julian for two reasons: one was for vengeance as she searches for the man who she feels is responsible for her sister’s death; the other was a more personal reason: she intends to teach the man that the township refers to as the devil how to love again. Will she succeed in seducing him? Or will he seduce her first?

I had a love/hate relationship with Seduction. I’ll start first with the things that I enjoyed. I LOVED the way that it addressed the imbalance of power between husband and wife in the regency era.  It actually went into some depth describing the concepts of marriage and honor and respect and what they meant for men and women during that time period. I enjoyed listening as Sophy questioned Julian, and often tried to ignore his demands. She didn’t always succeed but, it was fun listening to her try. Also, Julian’s reactions to Sophy cracked me up the majority of the time. I also enjoyed the help that Julian’s aunt provided in pushing Sophy to question Julian’s hypocritical theories of honor and proper behavior. Oh, and did I mention that his aunt has a “special female friend” who lives with her and deeply cares about her? LOVED it!

Now for the things that I didn’t really care for in Seduction. The character of Julian drove me crazy! I mean, I understood because of the time period and whatnot that he was supposed to be an alpha male but, he really took it to another level. He was beyond arrogant and controlling at times! I think this was why I really enjoyed watching Sophy get under his skin and take him down a peg or two. Also, his arrogance led to plenty of sexy times as Julian was trying to convince Sophy to follow his rules which wasn’t all that bad I guess. Another thing I didn’t really care for was the mystery of who was responsible for Sophy’s sister’s death. I kind of lost interest as it went along, and didn’t really care even when it was revealed who was responsible. I blame this on the pace of the story since it was a little slow at times. The last thing I didn’t care for within the story is the stereotypical first wife who was responsible for Julian being so closed off and for believing that all women are evil. This definitely didn’t help him win any brownie points from me because it made him even more of an alpha ass.

Overall, I liked Seduction even with Julian’s arrogance. I’m really glad to be able to say that I have finally joined the world of audiobooks. I enjoyed the narration of Seduction, and I really liked how it made me free to be able to do more free handedly. It was really nice to listen to the story as I was walking to and from work! I have a feeling that I will be picking up and reviewing more audiobooks from now often.

Disclosure: Borrowed from library.

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  1. I may not listen to audiobooks OR read anything other than YA, but that sounds pretty awesome. I usually have trouble with arrogant characters, but I’m sure I can get over it if you can 😉

  2. I’m not an audiobook girl, although sometimes April makes me wish I was! Glad you’re giving them a try. I’m not really an Amanda Quick fan (or her other pen name Jayne Ann Krentz), but I’m glad to hear Seduction has good things going for it! I’ll look forward to your next audio review 🙂


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