In My Mailbox (63)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren where we talk about the super exciting books that landed in our mailboxes, that we got from the library or purchased and then check out the exciting reads that other people received!

Y’all, this was the week of surprises! Like I would get super stressed, then come home for lunch and stumble upon a surprise package. SO THANK YOU MAIL FOR GETTING ME THROUGH THE WEEK!

In My Mailbox (63)

Stress Relief!

For Review:

Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins (Unsolicited) – OMG YOU GUYS! I have heard plenty of great things about Sweet Evil and am super pumped to read it.

The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda (Accepted Review Copy) – The Hunt sounds thrilling and several authors I love blurbed it. And also it seems like a book that Tony will read after I read it.

All The Right Stuff by Walter Dean Myers (Unsolicited) – In the past I’ve read and been on the fence with Myers. Some of his stuff I like and some I don’t. I’m excited to try this one out.

Just Write: Here’s How by Walter Dean Myers (Unsolicited) – Again, I’m on the fence, but this one is only…155 pages with like 27 chapters, so that’s like an hour and a half of reading.

The Temptation by Alisa Valdes (Unsolicited) – So apparently, The Temptation is going to be a movie or something? While I am not crazy about the cover, I’m still open to trying it out.

Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris (Unsolicited) – I LOVE FINISHED COPIES Y’ALL! Also, I am super duper excited to sit down and read this.

The Last Princess by Galaxy Craze (Netgalley) – Okay, so I am pretty sure that’s not the author’s real name, but I am a big fan of princesses.

Revived by Cat Patrick (Netgalley) – Y’all, I really liked Forgotten, so I’m willing to see how Revived shakes out.

The Drowned Cities by Paolo Bacigalupi (Netgalley) – So there’s this little book you may have heard of, Ship Breaker, that I kind of loved a lot, and when I got the widget invite for The Drowned Cities, I may have screamed just a little bit.

While He Was Away by Karen Schreck (Netgalley) – I just love the cover for this one. And you guys I am usually down for a good contemporary read.

Blackwood by Gwenda Bond (Netgalley) – As soon as the link was tweeted I clicked as fast as I could over to Netgalley to request Blackwood, because A) the concept is killer and B) Gwenda is on twitter and she is awesome and you know, things like twitter influence me.

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April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.
About April (Books&Wine)

April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.


  1. Awww Unraveling!! I’ve heard this book is so so awesome! I hope you’ll like it!! 😉 🙂 Enjoy all your amazing books this week 😉 🙂

  2. I really love the cover on Sweet Evil! I hope you enjoy everything you got this week. Here’s my IMM!

    ~Paige @ Comfort Books

  3. Yay, Sweet Evil!! I hope you love it. It was so freaking amazing—definitely one of the best I’ve read this year–and possibly most of last year too LOL.

  4. Hope you enjoy all your books!

  5. UM YES PAOLO & THE DROWNED CITIES. I got a print copy of this last week and had a freaking attack of some sort. I texted Mike about it during the middle of a big corportate meeting or something and made his phone go off. He didn’t care but I had palpitations for the longest time. YAY!

    Also YAY for Blackwood because I like the history that is right here practically in my backyard. It sounds fantastic.

  6. Great books! I am so looking forward to Unravelling!

  7. You definitely got the good books this week 🙂 Happy reading!!

    My IMM

  8. I’m anxious to see what you think of Sweet Evil. It sounds great. Enjoy all your new books!

  9. Eeeep, Sweet Evil sounds AWESOME. Enjoy!

    PS. Love your layout!

  10. Books are always the best stress relief. I hope this week is much less stressful for you. Enjoy your goodies!

  11. Sweet Evil and Unraveling both look so good!! I’m with you on Walter Dean Myers. I’ve read so good stuff and some bad stuff from him.

    Enjoy your books! 🙂


  12. Sweet Evil and Unraveling sound really good; I definitely want to read both. Enjoy all your books!

  13. I have The Hunt to read in my “read in the near future” pile and it definitely looks like a book that woudl appeal to boyfriends/husbands, as well. Glad you had such a happy mailbox this week!

  14. I have heard super good things about Sweet Evil too. :o) Yay!

    I’m gonna have to check out that princess one on NetGalley, b/c I share your love of princesses.

    LOL, at your comment about my trailer. I don’t blame you at all. That’s an actual scene from the book. I directly quoted them. It was a WTF moment when I was reading it.. so like any sensible person, I then read the page to all of my male Co workers and watched them cringe. tee hee. I put that scene in the trailer because I felt people should know what they were getting into. :o)

  15. Yay for Unraveling. It’s so incredibly good. Also, I got really excited by your NetGalley books, bc I was all ‘I can go get all of that dystopian awesome for myself,’ only I looked and can’t find any of the first three. WHERE ARE THEY HIDING?

  16. The Last Princess and Unraveling and basically all your books this week look BRILLIANT. Hope you enjoy them all 🙂 Happy reading!

  17. Oh yesss! Unraveling, The Hunt, Sweet Evil!!! Hope you enjoy your sweet haul! <3
    -Heather/My IMM

  18. Sweet Evil is amazing April. I’m reading it at the moment. I’m loving it. Enjoy the rest of your books.

    Livre De Amour-Books of Love

  19. Forgotten was ah-mazing! Cannot wait to read Revived. I <3 Cat Patrick! So excited you got an ARC of that one. Please review it soon? I'm SO curious to know how it is!

  20. Did you read Forever YA’s cover story for Sweet Evil? Because it pretty much made me spit take and summed up why I’m hesitant to pick up that book. Some covers are just really hard to look past. The Hunt sounds totally thrilling, and I’m excited to see your review so that I can be convinced, and I too fell on Blackwood like there was no tomorrow.

    Galaxy Craze is the WORST name ever. I’m torn between thinking it MUST be real because nobody would do that to themselves, and thinking it MUST be fake because no parents would do that to their child. Which one is true?! Still, I think the book sounds sweet, and am excited to see more. Enjoy, April!

  21. I didn’t realize Revived is on NG. Will have to check it out! I’m also eager to read The Hunt – it is supposed to be a scary one. Will have to look into Blackwood too. Glad books made your week better! Hope this is a great week for you.

  22. Unraveling and Sweet Evil are both AMAZING! I bet you’re going to LOVE them as much as I did 🙂 FANTASTIC haul this week lady!!

  23. Great set! I really want to read Revived. I still need to get to Forgotten though.
    My IMM

  24. Awesome selection of books this week!

    Thanks for sharing,
    My IMM for this week –

  25. I’ve really been looking forward to The Hunt and Blackwood! Lucky you! Hope you enjoy!

  26. ahh, I want Sweet Evil and Unraveling! I got an ARC of Temptation this week and am rather excited about it. I had no idea it was going to be a movie, though!

    hope this coming week isn’t super stressful for you, and if it is, hope you get lots of awesome books to counteract it! happy reading!

  27. Revived AND The Drowned Cities?? How do I get my hands on those? Great week for you. Happy reading!

  28. Hmm, I had no idea Temptation was being made into a movie! It makes me more interested in reading it.

    I’ve also had my eye on The Hunt for a while, as well as Sweet Evil! Awesome books this week! Happy reading, April!!

  29. Lots of great books that I’ll be adding to my wishlist 🙂 Enjoy! My IMM Post

  30. Surprises in the mailbox are THE BEST, and I imagine that any time I get a finished copy of a book like Unraveling FOR FREE in the mail–that would be a good day. Unraveling was pretty legit.
    Also. If Blackwood doesn’t sound BANANAS, I don’t know what does. Honestly. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched History Channel stuff on Roanoke. It totally fascinates me.
    And While He Was Away sounds awesome too. I love a good military-themed contemp!
    Enjoy all of this awesome!

  31. I am so freaking jealous of your finished copy of Unraveling! I’m dying to read it since I’ve heard such amazing things.
    I’m really excited to read Revived too :]

  32. enjoy all

  33. Unraveling is on my list too. Great selection you’ve got there. Happy reading April. 🙂

  34. You have The Temptation? Really? WHY!? I’m anxious for read that book but from what I saw it’s on the market tomorrow D: why do you have it? I want one too ! :C

  35. I am so in love with Sweet Evil!!!