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I still can’t get over how funny the original cover of Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie is with the pronostache and all. THIS STATED, OMG Jennifer Crusie where have you been all my life? Manhunting is the second Jennifer Crusieย  book I’ve read and while it is NOT as amazeballs as Bet Me, it’s more sexy and I still fell in LOVE.

Manhunting Jennifer Crusie Cover Comparison


So, Kate, main character of Manhunting is a financial wizard and has been engaged three times to various douchebags. She’s looking for love and marriage, but not TOO hard. Prompted by her BFF Jessie, Kate takes a vacation to a golf resort in Kentucky, to find a man. Of course, her plan backfires – but she finds herself more and more attracted to lazy handyman Jake who totes DOES have a mustache.

Friends, Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie is such a good feeling book. After finishing it, I was in a great mood. I can’t help but feel buoyed after reading about Crusie’s smart, sassy heroines. And okay, make fun of me as much as you want, but I love a good love story and quite liked the chemistry between Jake and Kate. Yes, their relationship is fast, but it’s not instaloveย  and is built on important things.

Look, $4.47 is NOT a whole heck of a lot to pay for a few hours of swooning, cheering, and laughter. Yes, bits of Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie are 90s-tastic, but it is SO totally worth reading, especially if you are sick of the teenagers in the books you are reading getting ALL the action.

Disclosure: Purchased my Kindle copy.

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  1. Yes! I am such a big fan of Jennifer Crusie. Bet Me is one of my VERY favorites, but this one is also fabuloso. My copy’s cover has some very sly-looking silhouettes carrying nets around the word Manhunting, but I’m SO glad that it is sans porno-stache!

  2. omg that original cover is TERRIBLE!! I’m pretty sure I’ve read Jennifer Crusie before, but not this one. It sounds like exactly the kind of book that everyone needs sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Covers for what we, in my family, refer to as “grocery store books” from the 80s and 90s were terrible! Like who really got turned on by a man with a mustache like that? Hands? No. But the books were always excellent, easy-peasy reads that left you feeling good and in love at the end. There typical was no life-changing drama, no cliffhangers… nothing but happy ever afters! I’ve kind of forgotten what grocery store books are like… perhaps I should visit the book aisle next time I go to the grocery store! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Ooh, Bet Me was a really cute book! I haven’t read anything from her since, but I just may have to change that because of this post… ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. That cover reminds me so much of all of the Harlequin romances I read when I visited my grandmother in the summertime. She had BAGS of them and I read them all. I really think that Harlequin should have an art show dedicated to their most awesome covers, because like porn stache up there, some of them really should be displayed proudly. (That guy is almost working on a mullett, as well.)

  6. I think I need more Jennifer Crusie in my life. I need to stop putting off her books.

  7. I love contemporary romance but Jennifer Crusie is an author I’ve just never really gotten into. I’ve tried several of her books and I know how popular she is but her voice just doesn’t work for me.

  8. I absolutely adore Jennifer Cruise–she’s pretty hilarious. A sassy heroine and the hunky, pornstashed handyman (I don’t remember–was there a butt-crack scene in this one?) *sigh* so romantic. Heh.

    (Have you read Tawna Fenske? If you like funny romance, she’s definitely comparable to JC!)

  9. That stache cover is SO GROSS!! hahahaha. I’d never seen it before.

    I’m so glad you read & enjoyed it ๐Ÿ™‚ Jennifer Crusie = awesome.

  10. That retro cover is hilarious! Jennifer Crusie books are always fun. I remember reading this one but can’t recall the details anymore. My favorite Crusie is still Bet Me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Followed by Welcome to Temptation.

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