I Sure As Hell Would Much Rather Deal With a Unicorn Than an Anthropophagi

Y’all being a beastologist is 1000x better than being a monstrumologist, or so I’ve learned from picking up The Unicorn’s Tale, the fourth book in RL LaFever’s Nathaniel Fludd: Beastologist series. I sure as hell would much rather deal with a unicorn than an anthropophagi.

The Unicorn's Tale, RL LaFevers, Book Cover

The Unicorn's Tale

So, it’s the 1900s after the invention of the plane. Nathaniel Fludd is a beastologist in training and lives with his Aunt Phil. You guys, Aunt Phil is THE DEAL. She wears trousers, flies a plane, and has a pet dodo bird. Phil believes her first duty is to the beasts whereas Nathaniel wants to sell the animals out to find his missing parents. I can’t exactly blame Nathaniel. Anyways, Phil gets a letter about a unicorn being sick, this being The Unicorn’s Tale and all, and so must tend to the unicorn rather than look for Nathaniel’s parents.

Rl LaFever’s pacing in The Unicorn’s Tale is consistent. It is rarely boring. Also, being in m dotage, I was quite excited about THE LARGE PRINT. YEAH BUDDYYYY! And there are also pictures galore in The Unicorn’s Tale. Bonus: One picture is of a narwhale. Literally, Narwhales are THE SHIT so I get so hyped when I see one.

Narwhale, Illustration, Unicorn, RL LaFevers, Beastologist, Nathaniel Fludd, Unicorn's Tale


Nathaniel is a character we can relate to. He often thinks only of himself, and what child isn’t slightly self-centered? Yet, Nathaniel Fludd is also good at heart. He has to balance being a good son with being a good beastologist, and it’s a struggle for him. I think that he will make a great beastologist someday, but he isn’t nearly as awesome as his Aunt Phil.

I do have a passing interest in checking out other books in RL LaFever’s Nathaniel Fludd: Beastologist Series because The Unicorn’s Tale was a fast read featuring my favorite mystical creature EVER: UNICORNS! Also, this could totes appeal to kids because there’s pictures, funny lines, a boy main character, and STRONG female characters. The villain is pretty whack though, just sayin’.

Disclosure: I borrowed this book from my local library.

This is a CYBILS book.

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  1. I never really “got” unicorns; I’m also not a horse person so I’m thinking that I’m not the ideal person to read this book. Still it sounds like a fun series so maybe one of the other titles will appeal to me more.

  2. this book sounds dope as hell.


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