Percy Jackson is back, bitches

Percy Jackson is back, bitches. In the spin-off-sequel Son Of Neptune second in the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan Percy wakes up much like Jason with zero memories of his past except for Annabeth. Anyways, he tries to fight monsters on waking up with Rip Tide but they won’t die, FML! You see some stupid a-hole, Gaia, cough, opens the doors of death, so monsters don’t die and some dead bad people are BACK IN BLACK! Well, not in black but I couldn’t resist. Anyways, this time around there is an all new cast of characters at an all new demigod camp, Camp Jupiter and A WHOLE NEW QUEST!

The Son Of Neptune, Rick Riordan, Audiobook Cover, Percy Jackson

The Son Of Neptune

So, none of the characters from The Lost Hero play a significant role in Son Of Neptune which sucks because I wanted to know the deal between Piper and Jason. HOWEVER, I love that we get significantly more face time with Percy. Plus Rome. I will forever be Team Roman over Team Greek. Because Rome is way more awesome than those stupid Greek city-states, although Sparta is cool. At least the Sparta in 300. But I digress. I also liked the new characters! There’s three people who get to go on the quest, so we get point of view chapters from Percy, obvi, and this girl Hazel whose dad is PlutoWHATUPBROSKY and she carries all this baggage, and then there is Frank. I won’t tell you who his father is but we totally know him from the Percy Jackson series and he is fricken bad ass mo fo.

OMG OMG OMG. Okay so there is this harpy named Ella who deserves her own paragraph because she is my FAVORITE part of the book. She makes her nest in a library, loves reading and quotes random books and is pretty much the best character in the entire book.

Friends, Son Of Neptune is standard Rick Riordan fare. There’s an epic quest. Funny moments. We learn a bit of mythology along the way. It’s fast paced. There are characters you come to care about. And honestly I think that is a great thing. I love that I can pick up a Rick Riordan book and know what to expect— there’s something to be said for comfort when it comes to reading.

The Heroes Of Olympus is a series that I will completely read via audiobook. I read The Lost Hero via audio and Son of Neptune as well. I enjoy Josh Swanson as a narrator even if other reviewers on Audible don’t. At this point, I’m used to his voice and characters, so his audiobooks are like an old pair of gloves, they are easy to slip into. ALSO friends, this is a shorter audiobook than The Lost Hero. The Son Of Neptune audiobook is 13 hours and 27 minutes long and produced by Listening Library.

Disclosure: Purchased Copy with my audible credit.

This is a CYBILS book.

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  1. Ah ah ah!!! I’m SO excited Percy’s back! I <3ed the PJ series SO much! It made me start reading MG. I've been putting these off because I didn't think it would be the same without Percy, but now I don't have to worry about that! Thanks for the head's up!

  2. I absolutely LOVE Percy Jackson. This book has been sitting on my shelf since it’s release. Why haven’t I read it yet? Well, stupidly I am kinda scared too. I have a feeling Riordan is going to torture Percy and Annabeth fans and I just love those two together. The cliffhanger at the end of Heroes was fantastic but also killed me a little bit!

  3. Wow, you’re making me regret not bringing the first book with me when I left for my business trip … then I could have already started reading the series 🙂

  4. OMG! I must read this one!

  5. I loved this book and the way that even the secondary characters were well developed. It was great reading about Percy again and learning more about Roman mythology. Book three should be even better! I bought my book from the Amazons. Who knew Jeff Bezos was just a front? Nice review 🙂

  6. The title of this post is why I love you.

  7. i can’t read this post (for fear of spoilers for the Percy Jackson series) but this title is the best blog title of the year.

    yeah, i said it.

    and i agree with Anna.

  8. I really need to read a Rick Riordan book one of these days…. They sound so great.

  9. Yes! Ella is totally the best. Love her.


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