Blood And Flowers by Penny Blubaugh Book Review

In Blood And Flowers by Penny Blubaugh, there exists a world in which the realm of humans and the realm of fairies exist side by side. Persia, a mortal girl, has left the house of her druggie parents years ago, and joins a puppet troupe known as the Outlaws which is run by fey and humans. Life is peachy with the outlaws – Persia feels she belongs and even has a crush on fellow Outlaw Nicholas.

Blood And Flowers by Penny Blubaugh book cover

Blood And Flowers

Yet, her happiness is threatened when an old enemy spreads false rumors and accusations about the Outlaws, which may cause them to have to do jail time. So, the puppet troupe must retreat to fairyland and navigate a whole new society.

Blood And Flowers is an imaginative story about human-fey relations. It shows how humans blame the fey for drugging, and yet the fey do not trust humans either and there is definite tension as the two worlds collide. It also showcases how although satire can be dangerous, it can be incredibly important and meaningful. I also quite liked the magic used in the puppet show and also for a store that is in a rotating location.

Penny Blubaugh’s novel is a quick young adult read. However, I never got a true connection to the characters because it went by so fast. Blood And Flowers is definitely more plot driven, which is fine but not for me.  I also was disappointed that it was not as romantic as I was lead to believe it would be.

I recommend Blood And Flowers by Penny Blubaugh for fairy fans and people who love a quick read.

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  1. I admittedly haven’t read many fairy books. Not for the reason that I dislike fairies, but because I haven’t been rec’d a lot of GOOD ones, so if you’ve got some, lemme know.
    Also, the more I stare at this cover the more I think: OMG is that a younger, slightly paler Tilda Swinton?

  2. Haven’t seen this one before. Thanks for the great review.

  3. I really want to get to this.

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