Leave All Your Metal Behind

If I was to take a look at my outfit, I’ve got a metal bracelet on, a zipper, and metal bra hooks, this means that if I was a character living in the Territory in Steven Gould’s 7th Sigma. The territory is basically the Southwestern US. It is infested by these dangerous metal eating bugs who don’t give a shit about your flesh and will eat you up if it means getting to sweet delicious alloy. However, people are resilient and willing to build lives without the use of metal, coping instead by using plastics and ceramic.

7th Sigma by Steven Gould Book Cover

7th Sigma

Kimble, main character of 7th Sigma chooses to live in the Territory to avoid his abusive father who was airlifted to Outside for a pacemaker. FYI Outside means that beyond the territory, there are no bugs, because the bugs dislike water. So NYC is SAFE. Instead of going with his dad, Kimble would rather face the bugs. It is uncovered that he has a rare 1 in a billion, or what is statistically called 7th sigma ability to work around the bugs. However, instead of playing a main role, the bugs just sort of provide a catalyst for seeing how people would live without metal.

Steven Gould’s book is pretty much told in vignettes. The stories are in chronological order. We see Kimble wandering the streets, eventually becoming sempai to akido master Ruth. Finally we are regaled with stories of Kimble’s spying for the Rangers, a powerful Territory law enforcement agency.

There are PLENTY of cool things in 7th Sigma. For example: SPYING. I love a good peeping Tom, as long as they aren’t peeping in my windows. And friends, the manipulating and intrigue is awesome. ALSO there is an extremist church, and you should know I just love reading about those fringe religions. The nuttier, the better. AND AND to balance out the whackjobs there are Buddhists. Which makes me think I don’t see enough Buddhists in my books. Okay and my favorite thing of all: SEXYTIMES. It’s not graphic, but hey at least there is one healthy scene. Also, the pace it is fast, so buckle your seatbelts.

However, I felt that 7th Sigma lacked strong characterization. I did not form a connection with Kimble. And well, I suppose this is pulp according to one of the blurbs on the cover, so maybe it is a pulpy thing to sacrifice characters for action.

I think Steven Gould’s 7th Sigma is a fantastic book for reluctant male readers. First, it has a guy appeal cover. Second there are LOTS of martial arts fight scenes going down. And quite frankly, this is a pretty cool book with what I think are called STEAMPUNK elements. However, I think females would enjoy this book too, although if you are looking to hand something to the reluctant male reader in your life, give them 7th Sigma.

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  1. “Leave All Your Metal Behind” sounds like something I would hear on Vh1 late on a weekend night and then flip the channel and see MTV playing old-school Matt Pinfield in 120 Minutes trying hard to keep the metal alive. Crazy, I know. But that was my first thought when I clicked on this…Love that title.
    Anyway, this sounds awesome. I’m no dude, but it totally appeals to me. It’s going on my list right now. And a freakin’ love that cover. <3

  2. Metal/flesh eating bugs? Cheerful! 🙂
    To me it sounds like a B Movie the Sc-fi channel would play very late at night! But hey, who said thats a bad thing? I’ve never seen a review anywhere else but I’ll start keeping my eye out for it, I think.

  3. My husband has a metal plate in his ankle so I guess he’d be screwed LOL I guess we’ll hope something like this never becomes reality. This sounds pretty scary. I’ll have to pick up a copy next time I’m in the mood for something creepy.


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