On How Not To Be A Douche At BEA

I should think the title says it all. πŸ™‚

Any other tips you’d like to share?

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  1. I think this wins the award for best BEA tips video of the year.
    I can’t rant against any personal injustices yet, and I’m hopeful that people will just use some common sense and be professional so that I don’t have much to rant about after next week.
    Melanie recently posted..Review- Putting Makeup on Dead PeopleMy Profile

  2. Real talk!
    Jason recently posted..A CONFLICT OF INTEREST – Adam MitznerMy Profile

  3. Great vlog! I really wish I was going to BEA this year, but I swear I’m going next year! Hope you have a blast, and feel free to pick up a bunch of ARC’s for me. πŸ˜‰
    Kate- Midnight Book Girl recently posted..The Girl Who Played With Fire ReviewMy Profile

  4. I love this vlog! I’m not going to BEA this year but I really dislike slow walkers in general. I am also a fast walker and I hate getting stuck behind people.

  5. Things that bother me: conversation hogs, e.g. people who always just HAVE to bring conversation topics back to themselves and can’t even listen to other people half the amount they like to talk. I can’t help notice that conversation hogs seem to occur at a pretty frequent rate among the blogging community. This is one of the reasons why I won’t be attending BEA this year: I just can’t deal with inane word vomiters.
    Steph Su recently posted..Cover Lust 27My Profile

  6. I think it’s a little sad that we need to post this stuff at all. I get it with the ARCs and stuff because people don’t know but reminding people not to cut in line (unless you’re one of the lucky people with those jump passes) or just plain not be a dick? When did social decorum totally vacate public space? And it spans all ages. Pleases and thank yous go so far but people can’t even seem to be bothered to do that. It’s kind of sad, really. It’s like all of this digital stuff is eroding our ability to function respectably in a social situation. I mean, it’s all common sense. Would you want someone to shit on you? Or ninja you in a signing line when you’ve been sitting there for half an hour? No? So why do it? Karma, she’s a bitch.
    Donna at Bites recently posted..Ashes Cover Reveal and Why You Need to Go to Ilsas BEA SigningMy Profile

  7. Very funny vlog. I’m with you on slow walkers, but fast walking actually has gotten me into trouble. Once in a store a security person thought I must be stealing because I was racing through and he chased me out into the mall! And once I was racing around people crossing the street, and an oncoming person PUNCHED ME IN THE STOMACH! When I look back it was funny, but, um, I’ll probably be walking MEDIUM speed at BEA! LOL
    rhapsodyinbooks recently posted..Review of β€œWither” by Lauren DeStefanoMy Profile

  8. I’m going to BEA for the first time this year so thanks for warning me about the jerks who cut in line! πŸ˜‰ Though I have to say, as a longtime bridge and tunneler, don’t people know that it’s, like, a crime to walk slowly in NYC?!
    Phoebe recently posted..BEA Prep!My Profile

  9. Miel et Lait says

    Oh, thanks goodness! I don’t make any of these mistakes!

    Tip: Ask before you take!
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  10. This vlog is hilarious! I agree with all of your “dont’s”, and think they could apply to any big event or convention. And the slow walker thing? OMG, like Phoebe says above, it’s my biggest “living in NYC” pet peeve. If you are slowing everyone down or making a phone call, move aside!
    Rachel @ Bookshelf Lust recently posted..Class of 2K11 BEA Week EventsMy Profile

  11. Thanks for the vlog πŸ™‚ I am also one of the powerwalkers, and one thing that annoys me is when some people, maybe 2 – 3 of them just stop in the middle of the road, aisle ( or whatever) and just stand there and chat. And I hate it when people cut in lines, so rude. When that has happened to me at other places before, I normally just say: Excuse me, but the line is back her and it is not your turn. I can’t help myself πŸ˜‰

  12. You know, I think this is really good advice – love the title of the vid btw – because it’s mostly common sense stuff, but I think that’s the first thing most people forget when you’re in a mob like BEA sounds to be like.

    And I think you’re absolutely right about being kind. It never hurts to be kind, and it makes a good impression.

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