A Trainwreck As Told By LOLcats

GUYZ I love a good trainwreck. I love it. It makes my day pass by so fast. So, imagine my pure joy when this pops up in twitter. Blogger BigAl of Books And Pals reviews The Greek Seaman by Jacqueline Howett. The review is pretty tame, nothing too horrible. Howett goes nuts in the comments though and has a meltdown. I’ve highlighted in chronological order my favorite remarks as told by LOLcats:






and the grand finale!



And this is what happens when I get bored. Think of it as the joy of LOLcats.

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  1. LOLOLOL. If it was acceptable to pee my pants to show you how hard I’m laughing…I would. But that’s gross and I’m too lazy to do laundry today.
    Jamie recently posted..Review- Where She Went By Gayle FormanMy Profile

  2. Describes it perfectly! The ball one made me laugh out loud. “Look at your ball”
    Chrisbookarama recently posted..Affinity Readalong- Part 1My Profile

  3. My favorite is the poisonous snake. I laughed so hard when I read that in the comments, and your LOLcat is pretty hilarious! 🙂
    Ashley recently posted..Free eBook!!My Profile

  4. Love it!
    Cic recently posted..A Touch Mortal…check it out!My Profile

  5. *giggles* I can not believe posted those comments! My favorite is “Just look at your ball, all of you!” LOL. What does that even mean?!?!
    Shannon @BooksDevoured recently posted..Sunday Stew March 27thMy Profile

  6. Thank you for this. I lol’d 🙂
    Laura recently posted..Book Review- Unearthly- Cynthia HandMy Profile

  7. I’m going to echo Jamie and say that while I’d like to tell you I almost just wet myself, that’s really pretty gross….however, I am laughing really really hard at these. Totally made my day.
    Melanie recently posted..If You Like SurvivorMy Profile

  8. HAHA!

    Like others, I was just made aware of the craziness that exploded all over BigAl’s blog. When reading the author’s comments, I was both inappropriately amused and disgusted. The worst part of it is that her “strong” reaction, besides being childish & asinine, was completely unfounded. Al’s review was actually quite positive for the most part…and the negative bits of his review were presented without any ill will and were supported by evidence.

    And yes, can someone please explain to me what “just look at your ball” means? I am confuzzled.
    Marg K. recently posted..MUSIC DISCOVERY- FreesscapeMy Profile

  9. LMAO! I love it! Still can’t believe all the nonsense poor Al had to deal with today.
    Christie recently posted..ARC Review- The Opposite of Amber by Gillian PhilipMy Profile

  10. This is hilarious!! I am laughing out loud over here. I love this!!! I can’t believe that post though- people are crazy.
    Christina/Book Addict recently posted..In My Mailbox 52My Profile

  11. So much crazy! So much entertainment! SO GOOD WITH LOLcats!! (That first one, especially, is just precious.)
    Erin recently posted..Thoughts on “Madre- Perilous Journeys with a Spanish Noun” by Liza BakewellMy Profile

  12. lololol. Best author self-fuckery yet!
    Smash Attack recently posted..Musing Mondays- 3-27-11My Profile

  13. Oh my, that is one crazy author! Good thing I haven’t read any self-published books. I’m afraid to get this kind of reaction.
    Chachic recently posted..Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert MurdockMy Profile

  14. If that review taught me anything, it was to NEVER softball a negative review. Totally not worth it. Not that I really needed to learn that lesson, of course…

  15. When you were posting these to twitter I thought they were actually LOLcats. But now I see what you did there.

    Sad that I couldn’t tell the difference.

  16. Hahahaha, oh God, what did we do before lolcats came along to gladden our lives?
    Jenny recently posted..Review- A Curse as Dark as Gold- Elizabeth BunceMy Profile

  17. I don’t usually like LOLcats, but that was priceless! Thanks!
    R.K. Finnell recently posted..Now available at smashwordscomMy Profile

  18. OMG! I totally missed this post!! It’s GENIUS! HAHA I cannot stop laughing. hahahah Thank you..thank you, oh so much.
    Jess @ Gone with the Words recently posted..Review- In the Arms of Stone Angels by Jordan DaneMy Profile


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