Book Briefs: Review of Bird by Zetta Elliott and Only One Year by Andrea Cheng

I have seen the idea of mini-reviews floating around the blogosphere and thought I would try my hand at a few, as I am not sure how much I can say about picture books and chapter books for very young readers.

Title: Bird
Author: Zetta Elliott
Publisher: Lee & Low Books
Synopsis: The character, Bird, is the title character. He  deals with his life troubles by expressing his emotions through art. Bird faces grief as well as having a drug dealing older brother. Ultimately, he flies above his problems.
My thoughts:
The art was gorgeous. I enjoyed seeing a picture book featuring resilient children of color. However, I someone question the appropriateness of giving this book to a child due to the allusion’s to the drug dealer problem. Yet, I understand children do not live life isolated from real problems. Therefore, ultimately, I would hand this book to a child. 
Title: Only One Year
Author: Andrea Cheng
Publisher: Lee & Low Books
Synopsis: Sharon and Mary’s two year old brother, Di Di, goes to China to live for a year as per family tradition. The book centers around this event and what happens when Di Di comes back. Ultimately, this is a celebration of family values.
My Thoughts: I thought this was a really cute read! Di Di is adorable. I think little kids will enjoy this book and learning about why some cultures send very young children abroad for a year. It’s fascinating! This would be a nice edition to any elementary classroom library. 
Disclosure: I received both of these books for review.

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  1. These both sound like really great children books. Awesome mini reviews.

  2. MissAttitude says

    Good mini-reviews, definitely appropriate for picture books. I can't believe I still haven't read Bird since I love Zetta 🙂 Only One Year sounds cute, ulimtately I probably won't read it because I never buy pciture books but if I'm ever in a booksotre I may scan for them (and the picture book by Paula Yoo about the Asian female movie star..Anna something or other)


  1. […] done this before under the same name for picture books, and figure this might work for books I don’t have all that much feeling for either way. […]

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