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Why Did I Read This Book?

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Volume 1 by Naoko Takeuchi was a re-read of sorts, I read the TokyoPop/MixxComics editions back in the day because I am awesome. I also was that kid who got up early to watch Sailor Moon on Fox Kids and then later on, tried to get home in time to watch Sailor Moon on Cartoon Network’s Toonami programming block. When I purchased the reprints of the Sailor Moon comics, I just knew that I had to read them during a readathon, because I am always, always down for re-reads of graphic novels and manga that I love and have not already reviewed here on Good Books And Good Wine.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon vol. 1 by Naoko Takeuchi | Good Books And Good Wine

What’s The Story Here?

Anyways, so in this one it’s all about how Usagi becomes Sailor Moon and then how she forms the inner senshi, minus Sailor Venus of course. AND AND AND Tuxedo Mask makes appearances and it’s like there is swooning all over the place because those shoulders.

To get even more detailed, basically Usagi is going to school and she’s not very good at school. However, she is very well liked. Anyways, there has been a spat of jewelry heists, including the theft of this beautiful crystal. However, that is just a side tidbit. Anyways, Usagi starts playing this Sailor V video game and is very good at it, the game gives her a pen, which this talking cat with a crescent moon on her head instructs Usagi to use. Oh yeah, that cat is Luna and Luna kind of guides Usagi and tells her what to do. Along the way, this manga covers how Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter become Sailor Scouts and we get to see Tuxedo Mask who helps Sailor Moon. AND! Queen Beryl who is a douchebag.

Basically, I just love this book.

Who Is My Favorite Sailor Scout?

In the beginning, it was Sailor Moon because we share a lot of similarities – we both can be ditzy. We both like eating. We both have a thing for Tuxedo Mask.

However, in the long run, I love Sailor Mars the most.  She’s just so angry and badass and snarky and awesome. Also, she has the best hair out of the scouts and you guys, hair counts for a lot with me. Obviously.

How Is The Art?

These books were my gateway manga. I love Naoko Takeuchi’s art. I love that we get to read about strong feminine characters. Growing up, I hated the idea that one could only be powerful or a hero if they had masculine features. Like, I really hated that, which kind of explains why I gelled so much to Sailor Moon, because they all kick ass and are stylish and pretty. Judge me all you want. It’s okay. Anyways, the art in Sailor Moon Vol. 1 is gorgeous. There’s like these bits between the chapters that are full page art and I just like to sit there and look at them because I am weird. ALSO! TUXEDO MASK, I will say that over and over again, but it is so cool to see the swoons illustrated on the page.

Sum It Up With A GIF:

Excited Sailor Moon GIF

In which art imitates my face while reading.

Disclosure: Purchased My Own Copy

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