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Why Did I Listen To This Audiobook?

I listened to Mitchell Zuckoff’sFrozen In Time: An Epic Story Of Survival And A Modern Quest For Lost Heroes Of World War II essentially because it was assigned for something secret. However as I’ve had a couple books to pick to listen to, there has to be a reason I picked this over my other options. You guys, I quite like reading survival stories as an adult, so long as there are no mooses involved or cannibalism. I might have been a tiny bit traumatized byHatchet as a kid. I’ve come to terms with that though. So anyways, I picked up the audio ofFrozen In Time because I find World War II history to be incredibly interesting and because the story sounds kind of harrowing!

Frozen In Time by Mitchell Zuckoff | Good Books And Good Wine

What Is This Audiobook About?

If you read the extended title of the book, it basically tells you what it is about:Frozen In Time: An Epic Story Of Survival And A Modern Quest For Lost Heroes Of World War II.So, this audiobook by Mitchell Zuckoff follows two narratives – one in the past when a duck plane goes down on a glacier in Greenland and a few of the soldiers manage to survive despite the almost insurmountable odds against them, and one set in present day about a team of the US Coast Guard and North South Polar who come together on an expedition in 2012 to find the remains of the Duck 148 and it’s crew. Yo, this book is intense as in ‘in ten cities’ intense. If you like your non-fiction to be in the narrative style, you will love this book. It’s like reading a movie script or something — it’s not boring but one of those audiobooks that has you on edge and wanting to know if these people you’ve gotten attached to are going to survive. The trouble, or really the advantage, is that I felt I could not flip ahead to see what happens, because you know, audiobook.

What Did I Learn?

  • People actually live on Greenland. It’s not an uninhabited landmass.
  • Survival when it is cold outside is hard.
  • There’s a fund to bring the remains of soldiers on foreign soil home.
  • Flying planes in the cold is hard.

Who Would I Recommend This Audiobook To?

Basically ifHatchet did not traumatize you, I bet you will really like the audiobook ofFrozen In Time by Mitchell Zuckoff. It’s a great survival story that happened IN REAL LIFE, I KNOW! Also to people who like World War II history as well as to budding geologists. There was a lot of geology in this book — I actually had to ask Tony about crevice vs. crevasse (his undergrad degree is in geology). Also, if you need a break from young adult, this is a good one to pick up. It’s not too terribly long either.

How Is The Narration?

Harper Audio is the producer ofFrozen In Time by Mitchell Zuckoff and I think that it’s well done. It’s narrated by the author which is usually something I hate, but in this case it works very, very well for the story. Zuckoff has good pacing. His passion for the subject comes through in his voice and I don’t know, it’s palpable. The quality of production is impeccable. The audiobook is 8 hours and 57 minutes. It’s certainly worth a listen if you are looking to change up your reading a bit and to stretch your horizons.

Sum It Up With A GIF:

Big Bang Theory valentine's day GIF

Ignore the writing/caption on this GIF and just look at the image. Basically after reading this book I wanted to bundle up in blankets with some food and thank goodness that I do not have to survive on a glacier while using a broken plane for shelter.

Disclosure: Review Copy Provided.

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  1. I have this on my Kindle, but haven’t started it yet. It’s nice to hear someone else’s thoughts on this one.

  2. Oooh, okay, so I mostly avoid nonfiction, but I now want to listen to this one, because I’ve heard nonfiction is better on audio and also you had me at world war 2. Also, what’s the difference between a crevice and a crevasse? Are crevasses larger?
    Christina (A Reader of Fictions) recently posted..Cover Snark (80): The One Where the WTF Covers Make Me Rather RageyMy Profile

  3. Well I’ curious to listen to it. I actually like audiobooks read by the author. I think it adds authenticity and some depth. Will add it to my to-listen list

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