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I am one of those people who does not re-read a book before I read it’s sequel. Apparently this is a skill that would serve me well, alas. When I beganThe EternityCure by Julie Kagawa, sequel toThe Immortal Rules there was a lot of initial confusion. I had forgotten the significance of a few of the minor characters. I basically forgot most of what happened except for the main important points. Fortunately, when I really got intoThe Eternity Cure, after about 70 pages or so, my feet were finally wet and I was no longer confused or lost. I very much enjoyed the second in Kagawa’s Blood Of Eden series as much of it had to do with plagues and diseases and I am one of those sorts who enjoys reading about plagues.

The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa | Good Books And Good Wine

InThe Eternity Cure, main character Allison Sekemoto has left her boyfriend, Zeke Crosse, in Eden. She is on the search for her Sire, Kanin. You see, Kanin is being tortured by an evil vampire named Sarren. Allison follows the call of blood and dreams, ending up crossing paths with her blood brother, Jackal. Despite Jackal’s previous sins, he proves to be a valuable ally for Allison and so the two venture to New Covington where they discover that a bleeding to death plague is affecting both vampires and humans. Appealing to the vampire Prince Salazar, the two with the aid of a friend, are in a race quite literally against time to find a cure to the disease.

I think that Kagawa’s characterization of Allie from book to book is rather consistent. In The Eternity Cure, Allie is fighting her inner monster. She has to constantly grasp for the sliver of humanity within her and fight the Hunger. She’s very tempted by a special boy’s blood. Along those lines, Allie must also fight for what she wants. She wants to find Kanin. She wants to find a cure. She wants love too. She is a character who is eternally loyal and quite admirable for someone who is considered a monster. I found Sekemoto to be immensely likable.

Where I thought The Eternity Cure really shined was in it’s minor characters. When we begin the book,Kanin in a rough place. He’s basically in hibernation and also tortured. Of course, he manages to be noble and awesome and a lot like Master Splinter, in how wise he is. Then there is Zeke who is utterly determined to be with Allison. Zeke risks life and limb to be with a girlfriend who could quite literally eat him. Finally, the minor character that I thought had the most depth was Jackal. He is such a vampire and revels in it. Yet, his character actually does a 180 from The Immortal Rules.I really loved how Kagawa developed Jackal.

As for the style of The Eternity Cure, the book is slow paced for about the first one hundred pages. After those pages, I thought it seemed energetic and filled with action. However, this bookfeels like a lot of exposition. I didn’t think it was nearly as exciting as The Immortal Rules. It was a book that just didn’t have a lot of oomph for me. Until the ending. You see, the ending is intense and scary and filled with high stakes. If the ending is any indiction of the next book to come, then I absolutely cannot wait.

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  1. I really liked reading about Allie’s battle between her humanity and her craving for blood-it’s such a constant presence so we never forget about it and Allie doesn’t conveniently do so for the sake of the plot either.
    Bookworm1858 recently posted..Ramblings and the Week to Come 13OCT13My Profile

  2. I’m on the fence about this one. I had middling feelings towards The Immortal Rules so I’m not strongly compelled to continue but I do want to know what happens. A conundrum.
    Meg recently posted..Review: Proxy by Alex LondonMy Profile

  3. Generally, I don’t reread the book either, but sometimes I have to, because I don’t remember ANYTHING.

    I wasn’t as into this one, mostly because I REALLY don’t ship Zeke and Allie. However, that’s because I remember her being like eight times more badass before they got all coupley. Jackal, though, I am all about. Haha.
    Christina (A Reader of Fictions) recently posted..Lessons Learned Formatting Old Posts for WordPress, or, the Evolution of a BloggerMy Profile

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