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As I’ve been making my way through theCosmo Red-Hot Reads, I’ve had a range of reading experiences from good but with a weird looking love interest to WTF did I just read. Yet, I keep plugging away with the hopes that one of these novellas will provide me with an awesome story and an awesome love interest.Fearless by Tawny Weber totally delivered. It’s youthful. It’s fun. The love interest isn’t a weirdo. The writing isn’t godawful. The main character is cool and her group of girl friends are awesome. Sure there’s some familiar tropes, but this novella is my favorite so far from theCosmo Red-Hot Reads line.

Fearless by Tawny Weber | Good Books And Good Wine

Gia is enjoying a girls night with her best friends – complete with margaritas, mani-pedis and some hot gossip when she all of a sudden feels down, because they all have these awesome sexual encounters but she does not. So, when Gia lets slip that she just wants to get some, the girls, friends since college, come up with a game plan for Gia to act out all her fantasies in Las Vegas and seduce this guy she’s been crushing on. It’ll take a disguise to pull it off, as her company frowns on interoffice sex but now’s Gia’s chance to finally hook up with Luke, a guy who is super confident and apparently super hot. She’s about to have one wild Vegas weekend.

The main character ofFearless, Gia, is kind of an everywoman. I did not dislike that. I liked that she’s kind of confident, at least confident enough to know what she wants, but her self esteem just needs a little boost. I also liked that she wasn’t all getting freaky immediately but instead gradually lost her inhibitions. I also liked that she came across as someone who is brainy and snarky and fun. PLUS! Her best friends are kind of really great and I think they really made the book, even if they didn’t get a lot of page time. I do think that maybe they will get their own novellas, well, at least I hope they do.

As for the romance/sexytimes, Gia totally has all kinds of chemistry with Luke. They have fierce bedroom chemistry and for once I wasn’t like a prude and all EWWW as I read those bits. Instead, it was like, oh these people totally should be doing this right now because it makes perfect sense. Luke’s incredibly confident without being arrogant. He likes a challenge and he sees Gia, or her alter ego Vanna, as a challenge. He’s got an interesting work-related side story which has to do with him staying at his current company or accepting a new job. I thought that made his character seem more developed. If you must read one book from theRed-Hot Reads collection, pick outFearless by Tawny Weber, it is the best of the bunch so far.

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