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Is it just me or did last week seem to take FOREVER to get to the weekend? Seriously it felt like it just dragged and dragged. On the upside, it is a 3 day weekend and totally needed. ALSO! I re-upped my Hulu subscription and Tony and I basically watched almost all of season 5 of Parks And Recreation in one night. I am pretty sure I might have a girl crush on Amy Poehler. AND! Plenty of surprise goodies came in my mail and it was a week of happy victory laps around the house.

Stacking The Shelves 18

For Review:

Shadows In The Silence by Courtney Allison Moulton (for the End Is Near Experts thing) – So, I made a list at work yesterday of books I wanted to read on my weekend (only 4 books – The  Tragedy Paper which I finished, Revolution 19, What We Saw At Night and this) and of course this is the longest book on my January TBR and I started it and am actually zooming through it. As of writing, I am 142 pages in and am currently experiencing all of the feels. Be on the look out for my review, plus an interview plus GIVEAWAYS holla!

Siege And Storm by Leigh Bardugo (Solicited Review Copy) – Was there anyone who did NOT perform a happy dance over this shiny blue package this week? Seriously I am beyond pumped up to see what happens next. MAL ILY ILY FOR ALWAYS.

Templar by Jordan Mechner (Netgalley) – You guys I once wrote a 18 page paper about the Knights Templar during my freshman year of college because they are the shit. And so, when I saw that there was a graphic novel about the Templars on Netgalley I immediately requested. Obviously this is fiction. BUT THE FRONT BLURB IS FROM THE HBO SERIES CREATORS OF GAME OF THRONES. Also, this graphic novel is full color and 480 pages and I am going to read the hell out of it. And probably will end up ordering it for my collection.

Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong by Prudence Shen illustrated by Faith Erin Hicks (Netgalley) – I will always and forever request anything with Faith Erin Hicks name on it because omg Friends With Boys was awesome.

Notes From Ghost Town by Kate Ellison (Netgalley) – Maybe I am a bit of a failure because I haven’t yet read The Butterfly Clues, however, I loved this cover and the concept sounds intriguing to me.

Out Of Nowhere by Maria Padian (Netgalley) – Basically this book has to do with soccer and refugees and it sounds like a solid serious contemporary read. ALSO. It was a read-now book on Netgalley. So there’s that.

Crash by Nicole Williams (Unsolicited Review Copy) – I like the cover of Crash. Basically I guess it’s New Adult, with a beautiful douche. Whatever though I will read the heck out of it because you know I have a weakness for that stuff.

Clash by Nicole Williams (Unsolicited Review Copy) – The sequel to Crash. And again, I actually like the cover.

Impulse by Steven Gould (Unsolicited Review Copy) – I think this book is part of a series. I did like 7th Sigma but I’m not entirely sure if I want to invest my time in this series quite yet.

Arclight by Josin L. McQuein (Unsolicited Review Copy) – Basically the cover is bright and shiny and metallic. That’s pretty much all I know about this book so far.

Kiss Me Again by Rachel Vail (Unsolicited Review Copy) – Ahhh! So I tweeted Harper Teen and the author the other day asking if I needed to read the first book to understand this one and apparently I don’t and this is short, so I think I’ll be reading it in February. Yay!

Nobody But Us by Kristin Halbrook (Unsolicited Review Copy) – Second copy! Open mind though.

The Shadow Girl by Jennifer Archer (Unsolicited Review Copy) – Blurb mentions If I Stay and Before I Fall so sign me up, bro.

Fragments by Dan Wells (Unsolicited Review Copy) – Oh hells yes. I can’t wait to see what happens after Partials.

Dead Silence by Kimberly Derting (Unsolicited Review Copy) – I still need to read The Last Echo but I quite enjoyed The Body Finder, so I’ve got an open mind about this.

Taken by Erin Bowman (Unsolicited Review Copy) – The cover makes full use of Roy G. Biv, thus I am pumped up to read this.


The Fellowship Of The Ring by JRR Tolkien narrated by Rob Inglis – Yes, I totally bought this in that Audible sale. Why the heck not, even though I have a physical copy and have already read FotR.

Les Miserables by Victor Hugo narrated by George Guidall – Another book purchased in the Audible sale. Heck yesssss. And yes, I do have a physical copy and have read this one before as well.

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy narrated by Davina Porter – I bought this on Audible and oh my goodness you guys I only paid 95 cents for it. Like, it was on sale. But not a part of that most wished for sale. I was browsing my wishlist and it was like oh members pay 95 cents and I’m like as a resident cheap ass I should buy this because I will kick myself for spending a credit on it because I pay way more than 95 cents for credits. And that’s my thought process y’all.

Exclusively Yours by Shannon Stacey – I bought this for my Kindle while it was free in the Kindle store. Whatevs. Super excited for this book!

In case you skipped it or missed it, here’s a recap of what we’ve posted here last week:

I’m kind of surprised at the number of people who said they’d be willing to give The Marriage Bargain a shot after reading my review. Yay!

So, this might not have been the book for everyone, but I enjoyed Prophecy by Ellen Oh.

New year, new debuts. These ten are totally on my NEED TO READ pile.

Lisa Schroeder nails it in Falling For You and I resolve to read all of her books ever.

That one time I got to host the most amazing Gayle Forman on the blog and managed not to make an ass of myself.

So, my assessment of Splintered kind of proves that I am shallow. Why are you guys still friends with me, hahahaha.

Allison is all about Lovecraft Middle School and makes me want to read those books too. Also because I’m kind of a cover whore and those covers are SO COOL.

Want to check out Lovecraft Middle School for yourself? We’re giving them away. Also Allison conducts an interview!

Zombies! History! Steampunk! Subtle romance! Endless gushing for Something Strange And Deadly.

Allison has love for Level 2, because it’s an awesome book.

More romance books on the weekend! Today it’s To Love A Thief by Julie Anne Long.

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