Top 10 Tips For New Book Bloggers

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and Bookish and was created by The Perpetual Page Turner.

Y’all, this week’s topic is Top Ten Tips For New Book Bloggers, and straight up I am going to be 100% honest with you in these tips, because I don’t believe in playing around.

1. Personality is EVERYTHING. If you are generic and boring, if you feel bored reading your blog, so will everyone else. So please, insert your unique personality into your blog posts.

2. KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid! If your blog takes more than 2 minutes to load, I’m gonna bounce.

3. You May Like Your Music, But I Don’t. Seriously, I would much rather listen to my own music so as soon as I hear autoplay on your blog, I am out of there.

4. Talk To Others. I promise you I’m not as bitchy as I seem. Many other bloggers who are established, like myself, are willing to be friendly with you, but that’s hard if we don’t know you exist. So I’d say comment, get your name out there, engage with people on twitter. We don’t bite…hard.

5. We all treat our blogs and hobby differently. For some, like me, we put A LOT OF HARD WORK into our blogs. If you want to be at the same place as me or some of my friends, you earn it. Success doesn’t happen over night.

6. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, TURN OFF CAPTCHA. The reason no one comments on your blog? Because they don’t want to crack the goddamned Da Vinci Code every time they leave a comment.

7. Yo, be genuine.  Everyone sees your copy-paste comments.

8. DON’T PLAGIARIZE! Seriously, you are awesome on your own. There is no need to steal the work of others. And know this, you will get caught. It will come out and people don’t forget that. I sure as shit don’t forget who has plagiarized.

9. We can totally tell if you are in it for the ARCs. Look, blog because you love reading and are passionate about the written word, not to get free things. It’s obvious and trust me, we disdain that.

10. Do what makes YOU happy. Look, you don’t have to take my advice. You don’t have to listen to a word I said. If captcha and autoplay music make you happy, go for it, but don’t sit there wondering why no body checks your blog out. Do whatever your heart desires. There aren’t any blog police or anything.

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