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I hate not clicking with a book. ESPECIALLY when the book has all these elements that really appeal to me and is part of a long, potentially interesting series. A few of you who follow me on twitter and goodreads know what book I’m talking about — Hidden Summit by  Robyn Carr - a book I had hoped would be my huge push on people looking for adult contemporary romance, but instead turned out to be a total failure for me.

Hidden Summit Robin Carr Virgin River Robyn Carr Book Cover

Hidden Summit

The plot of Hidden Summit by Robyn Carr had such potential to be suspenseful yet sexy, but alas, did not deliver. Connor Danson is an eye witness to murder. His livelihood is threatened in Sacramento, so the DA makes Connor hide out in Virgin River. Connor figures he will lay low and make it work until he can get back to Sacramento. Leslie is reeling from a bad divorce and a crazy ex who wants to be BFF and won’t leave her alone. Much like Connor, she escapes to Virgin River. Obviously, there are sparks between the two.

The dialogue in Hidden Summit felt very stilted to me. I can’t imagine real people speaking like that, much less salt of the earth blue collar workers. I mean, it felt really stiff and formal. Complete sentences, no contractions. Personally, I was hoping there would be some slang or something to make the characters sound authentic.

THEN — with the plot I described above you would expect thrilling, right? You’d be expecting hit men. Maybe a horse head or something to make Connor question his safety in the quasi witness protection. NOPE. DID NOT HAPPEN. Instead we get Connor buying food from Jack’s dinner and wondering about his sister and him courting Leslie. It was totally mundane and a waste of a cool concept. I mean, how do you make being a murder witness boring? HOW?

In all, it really blows that I couldn’t make myself DNF Hidden Summit, that I didn’t find a great new romance series and that I made myself spend so much time reading Hidden Summit hoping something exciting or spicy would happen and then magically make the trudging happen.

Disclosure: Received for review.

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