Forget You Jennifer Echols Book Review

You guys, I get it. I finally get it. I get why so many of my blogger friends think Jennifer Echols is the best thing since sliced bread. I’m pretty sure I picked the wrong Jennifer Echols book to start with, because it turns out that I enjoy her romantic dramas as OMG I wanted to hug my kindle after reading Forget You. IT IS SO GOOD.

Forget You, Jennifer Echols, Book Cover

Forget You

The premise of Forget You by Jennifer Echols is that Zoey gets in this car accident. When she wakes up it is not Brandon the jock football player supposed boyfriend by her side, but Doug, her ornery swim teammate instead. Zoey has no idea what happened , yet because of her background, must maintain control. You see, her dad is a HUGE douchebag who taught her image is everything, yet this guy left her mom for his 20 something human resources employee. Zoe’s mom then tries to commit suicide and is in a mental hospital. Understandably, Zoey is under all kinds of pressure. And that’s kind of her state of mind for most of Forget You.

Look, I kind of gave Zoey a free pass on being annoyingly fixated on Brandon. Girl’s been through A LOT and she’s probably too naive to realize that Brandon’s the love ‘em and leave ‘em type. I mean, we all had that type of boy at our high schools and maybe some of us were dumb enough to think we could change them when we TOTALLY COULD NOT. Despite her irritating obsession with the meatball head, I honestly liked Zoey’s alpha control the story personality. However, I liked her vulnerable inside even more. Straight up, though, I wanted to shake Zoey and be like LISTEN HERE, Doug is the shit, why you all over a meat head?

And okay, speaking of Doug, I’m of two minds on him. Some of the things he does drives me nuts, like being a stubborn petulant child in certain scenes. But then others? UM ENGIVE REVVING YO! OMG, so Forget You has sexytimes. The XXX. I mean, it’s tame but still my YAY POM POMS are out over here (and ew, don’t be gross). You guys, there is a sleepy car ride scene and all I can say is prepare for the backseat of swoons, your lesson in swoonology.

I know Forget You isn’t everyone’s favorite Jennifer Echols book, but honestly, I loved it and it was good choice/gift for me when it came to reading the first of her dramas. I know that I am definitely going to be back for more and will probably turn into one of those sliced bread fans. I can’t wait.

Disclosure: Gifted to me by Shanyn.

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