Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Get Noticed By Search Engines

Hola Bloggiesta Compadres! That is about as far as my Spanish goes. Chances are if you are stopping by this mini-challenge you want to increase your traffic and you want to reach out to a larger audience than your fellow bloggers.

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So You Want To Get Noticed By Search Engines

1. Read This Post

2. Go to one of your older posts or book reviews. One that needs pizazz.

3. Open up google ad words key word tool. Type in the title of the book you are reviewing or a few keywords related to your post.

4. You see the keywords that have a high number of monthly searches but low competition? Those are keywords that you want to use.

5. Incorporate those keywords in your post or book review.

6. Next, do you have an image? Add an alt tag to it. You can do this in Blogger now as well as WordPress. So if you have a book cover, you will use ‘book cover of title by author’ for your alt tag, so the search engines can index it properly.

7. Next, add a link to one of your older posts on your review. Interlinking gets noticed by the google bots and is one of the best SEO practices you can use for your blog.

8. Next, link out. Find a friend with a relevant post and give them a link. This is good for both you AND your friend according to Problogger. This should help your search engine rankings.

9. Finally, update your post’s meta description. Blogger now has this function too.

  • Don’t keyword stuff.
  • Also, you are going to want to keep it to 150 characters as search engines allow a maximum of 150 characters for the description, so just think about how you would describe your post as though you were tweeting it.
  • Keep your description relevant to your post – i.e. if I was adding a meta description to a review I might say ‘Book review of X by author is the fifth book in X series starring Character R’ modifying to keep it to 150 limit.

You can check this link out for further information.

When you have SEO optimized one of your posts, be sure to come back here and link it!

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