The Queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner Book Review

Yo, potential spoilers for The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner.

This post is part of Megan Whalen Turner Week hosted by Chachic who is AWESOME and worth checking out.

If you have the attention span of a gnat The Queen’s Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner is NOT for you. If, however, you are willing to invest time and scream YEAH BUDDY (or not) when all of the plot threads come together, pick up the Queen’s Thief series. The second book in the series, the one I’m review (obvi) is The Queen of Attolia and it is rather self contained. You could just read The Queen Of Attolia and have a story where everything is solved and there are no cliffhangers and it’s not totally necessary to read the previous book, The Thief, although reading The Thief will heighten your enjoyment immensely.

The Queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner Book Cover

The Queen of Attolia

Okay, so after stealing Hamiathes’s gift, Eugenides makes The Queen Of Attolia look like an ass. He continues to do so by breaking into her castle and stealing MORE shit. SO she decides to lay in wait for Eugenides and catch him in the act. AND YO The Queen Of Attolia GOES THERE and you’ll be all like GASP WHAT and then make it rain all over The Queen of Attolia.

Megan Whalen Turner is the master. She writes nuanced characters. All the main players are much more than what they seem. Even the Queen of Attolia is multi dimensional despite coming off as a witch. We see she’s a bit deeper than all that and that there are LAYERS to her. ALSO ALSO ALSO The Queen Of Attoplia just solidifies my YA crush on Eugenides. He is SO clever and I love that. I love his complexity. I love that we get so much more than surface.

I know that I will make the effort to read The King Of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner soon because just thinking about The Thief and The Queen Of Attolia makes me excited and flail-y and makes me what to yell out POLITICAL INTRIGUE ADDICTS I HAVE FOUND YOUR BOOK!! Just yeah, be aware The Queen’s Thief is not a breezy series, but a tapestry of awesome and certainly worth the investment it requires.

Disclosure: Purchased Copy

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  1. “tapestry of awesome” I love it! Thank you so much for posting your review during Queen’s Thief Week. 🙂 Can I just say that it makes me so happy that you’re now a Gen fan too? I have a fictional crush on him as well. I also love all the layers and political intrigue in the novels. Looking forward to your review of The King of Attolia, it’s just as good as this one, I promise.

  2. Dani Nguyen says

    God I love me some Megan Whalen Turner. I think I’m going to go re-read now…

  3. This book series is really weird for me because I can remember reading it (I remember names, and I can remember this one scene with the Queen and the Thief talking), but…I also don’t remember reading it. I think it’s time for me to do a reread.

  4. I am so ridiculously in love with these books! So happy to see them on your blog today 🙂

  5. I must now reread the book, if only so I can “be all like GASP WHAT and then make it rain all over The Queen of Attolia.” 🙂 I loved and HATED that part. Oh I need me some political intrigue goodness.

  6. This is such an awesome review! I can’t wait to see your KoA review 🙂

    ~drashizu from where if you aren’t a member already you totally should be!


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