The Cabinet Of Earths Anne Nesbet Book Review

The Cabinet Of Earths, Anne Nesbet’s debut middle grade novel examines larger ideas. What would you sacrifice to live forever? What would you give for your sick mom to get better? These are the questions Maya Davidson, 12 year old protagonist of The Cabinet Of Earths grapples with.

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The Cabinet Of Earths

Maya Davidson is out of her element. After receiving a sizable fellowship, Maya’s father uproots the family from the US to Paris, France. Maya is not thrilled and misses her home, friends, and pet dog. Her brother, James, fares much better as he is the type of child everyone loves. Eventually Maya makes a friend in Valko, a boy from school whose parents are Bulgarian ambassadors. The situation is seemingly contemporary, alas something sinister is in the air.

You see, there is a long history of betrayal between family members and a history of competition between two French families. One brings change – the other keeps things the same. Maya, James, and Valko are about to get caught in the middle between two men named Henri Fourcroy – one is very old and is keeper of the cabinet of Earths and one is very young with sinister entrancing eyes.

The Cabinet Of Earths by Anne Nesbet is a deftly woven tale of sacrifices, science vs. magic and loyalty. Nesbet’s prose is fantastic. Her description is very vivid – it is easy to slip into Maya’s shoes and understand her dilemma and the choices she faces.

For an engrossing middle grade read with prose that made me want to tab the pages – you definitely should check out The Cabinet Of Earths by Anne Nesbet.

Disclosure: Received for review via Amazon Vine.

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  1. All your reviews of middle grade books make me feel like I should try reading it again. XD

  2. I agree with Meghan.. You review a lot of middle grades, and it’s awesome because some of them, I have never heard of before.

    The cover is very neat looking. I like the lizard door handle looking thing. Makes me think of the rain forest cafe. lol

  3. OH this look super awesome. I’ve heard of it but not seen it reviewed yet. Love me the MG.

  4. I actually saw this book recently and got really excited about reading it! And your review hints that it’ll be something that I’ll enjoy as much as you did.


  6. Looks promising!

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