Light the lamp, not the rat, light the lamp, not the rat! Put me out, put me out, put me out!

Friends, I am still in the process of listening to A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens read by Tim Curry. It is balls to the walls awesome. Seriously. It rocks. I’m hoping to finish it sometime this morning so I can have a rocking review up for you all in the afternoon.

In any case, of the millions of incarnations of A Christmas Carol the Muppets version holds a very special place in my heart. I often get the bit where they sing ‘there goes Mr. Humbug, there goes Mr. Scrooge’ stuck in my head.

I thought I would share another clip of The Muppet Christmas Carol with you and ask what are your favorite parts from this movie? Or rather, what is your favorite version of A Christmas Carol?


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  1. Clearly the Muppets Christmas Carol wins hands down! 😀

    I love that film. I love ‘no cheeses for us meeses’ 😀

  2. I love Muppet Christmas Carol as well. My dad loves the George C. Scott version but that one depresses/scares me too much (Ghost of Christmas Future!)

  3. Muppets Christmas Carol is one of my favorite Christmas movies ever. 🙂

    On another note: I clicked on this story simply because of the title “Light the lamp not the rat…”. My mom and I still will randomly say that line to make each other laugh…most people think we’re nuts. 🙂

  4. OMG–LOVE the Muppets. They can do A Christmas Carol like no other. As can Mr. Tim Curry. His voice gets me every time. Cheers!

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