Waxillium Ladrian: Fully Licensed Bad Ass

Brandon Sanderson is totally a fist pump author, meaning I can’t read one of his books without fist pumping a little, especially if allomancy is involved. I love when authors revisit universes they have created. The Alloy Of Law, Sanderson’s latest, returns to the world and magic system of allomancy imagined in the Mistborn trilogy, only it’s about 300 years later. The characters of Mistborn are now considered legends. Instead, we must content our selves with Waxillium Ladrian, law man and fully licensed bad ass.

The Alloy Of Law by Brandon Sanderson | Good Books And Good Wine

Yes. Bad ass. Seriously, if I had to write a two word review of The Alloy Of Law it would be this: bad ass. So Waxillium, Wax for short, used to live in the Roughs, aka the old West, and was totally Will Kane from High Noon, kick ass, taking names and keeping order and honor. He’s called back to civilization in Elendel to take on the lordship after his uncle and sister die. While in Elendel, Wax learns that the upper crust has their fair share of crimes and slips right back into his role of bad ass, as his finace, the contract-minded Steris is abducted along with other noble women by a mysterious group of outlaws called the Vanishers. Joining Wax in crime fighting is Wayne, a man who appreciates a good hat and Marasi, Steris’s cousin who studies crime and law at university.

Friends, Brandon Sanderson is the deal. And every day I can’t decide who I like more, him or Patrick Rothfuss. He builds an intricate world that changes logically over time. The magic system, allomancy, actually has RULES and checks and balances. ALSO THERE ARE GUNS! YAY! I love guns! I know, I must sound like a psycho, but I’ve always wanted to learn how to shoot a gun. The Alloy of Law is bangin’, literally, with all the gun fights, I mean. PLUS, there is a super sweet element of sociology as we see two social circles, the haves and the havenots, grow quite tense. And there are gray areas. AND JAW DROPPERS.

Also, I may have a slight thing for Wax, despite him being elderly, I mean 41 years old. One foot practically in the grave. He’s like Roland Deschain but with magical powers. Holla allomancy! AND I WANTED HIM TO JUST MAKE OUT. With Marasi. There is so much sexual tension between the two, but since it’s Sanderson, I totally knew better than to expect some sexin’.

You can definitely pick up The Alloy Of Law without having read Mistborn, but honestly, I think you should read Mistborn because having the background will absolutely enhance your experience with this western-feeling read. Also, if you have post Dark Tower depression, it’s totally time for you to open your heart up to Wax.

Disclosure: Received for review.

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  1. Invoking Stephen King AND Patrick Rothfuss? Powerful words there.

    So excited to read this!

  2. I’m a big fan of Sanderson and yay too, this book was really great, I also loved the mix allomancy and guns, and Wax is definitely a bad ass. But I think I have a thing for Wayne instead of him!

    If you’re interested, we’re giving away the audiobook version of the book, right here: http://tinyurl.com/c3mr4eu .

    Great review again!


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