Now Including A Pants Melting Male Specimen

It all starts with a bet. Actually, back that up, Bet Me by Jennifer Cruise starts with Minerva Dobbs getting dumped by a douchbag named David. Minerva believes fairy tales are not for her, and at this point believes there are no good men left in the world. After overhearing a bet between her ex David and Calvin Morrisey, who is a ladykiller, Minerva agrees to a dinner date with Calvin if only to get back at David, figuring why not have a bit of fun with this pants melting male specimen.

Bet Me, Jennifer Cruise, Trade paperback, book cover

Bet Me

Kids, reading adult contemporary romance makes me feel like a non-creep. When Allison loves a book, it’s a strong bet (see what I did there) that I’ll love it too. When Angie enjoys it too, it’s a sure thing I will love the book. Literally there were moments in Bet Me where my heart would either beat so hard or stop and shrivel up from the overwhelming swoons. There were times when I was reading and thought – I need to hand this book to Carla because of the sexytimes and her Unsticky review or to Jen who mentioned wanting to try romance that wasn’t too explicit.

I just want to pass this book around to my book blogger friends when they need a break from YA so they can experience the deliciousness that is Cal Morrisey.

Also this list of things I loved within Jennifer Cruise’s Bet Me:

  • Min’s shoes
  • Chicken Marsalla
  • Elvis
  • the cat
  • Bonnie and Liza
  • Emilio
  • Dove Chocolate

Straight up I think you should read Bet Me if you like love and have a soft spot for romance and dashingly good looking men with good hearts and donuts and if you read the blue cover version with the shoes on it, page 268 shall forever be marked as the page that my heart gave out from swoonage.

Disclosure: Purchased my copy, betches.

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  1. I always love Jennifer Cruise 🙂 This sounds like a fun one! (And Chicken Marsala? I’m there!! *yum* )

  2. This was my first Crusie book and I loved it so much that I within a few weeks I had read/listened to any of her books I could get my hands on. I totally agree with your favorites above, and I really wish I had a nephew like Harry – so darn cute. Plus Cal is hot.

  3. Dang, you really liked this one, huh? Makes me want to read it and I’ve never even read a book like this. I’m in that need-a-break-from-YA for a minute time right now. So I started the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. But maybe I should have chosen this book. Hmm.

    • I did really enjoy Bet Me! You should try it, I know it’s out of your usual zone, but it’s really wonderful and I guarantee you’ll read it with a smile.

      I really want to try the Fever series and am looking forward to seeing what you think of it.

  4. I got close to purchasing a Crusie ebook months ago. I’m currently on a book buying ban (lame, I know), but I just saw that this one was at my library! I do love me some contemporary romance. I’d suggest some Kristan Higgins and Victoria Dahl, too. I’m an advocate of lovin on some love, but my real Achilles’ heel is TENSION.

  5. Oh, I’m so glad you liked Bet Me! It vies with just a few others for the title of my favorite book… I’ve literally lost count of the amount of times I’ve read it! It’s my go-to feel-good book whenever I’m having a crappy day.

  6. Yay, so glad you loved this one! It’s my first Crusie and still my favorite. I became a Crusieholic after this and read so many of her books although I don’t think I was able to review them on my blog. Like you, I really liked the details in this book like Min’s shoes and the food.

  7. Allison made me read this book too! I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed it! Romance is never going to be my main genre, but if I can find more that are similar to this (funny, not to explicit) I’ll have to give it a few more tries! 🙂

  8. Awesome! I’ve had this book on my shelf forever and now I know I need to read it ASAP!

  9. Ohhhh I’m so glad you liked this! This book is what made me a romance reader, and it’s definitely in my top ten favorite books ever. Hell, even my honeyman read it and liked it!

  10. Your list of things you loved is my list as well. I fell so hard for this one and I’m grinning so big right now that you liked it, too. Isn’t it just one you know you’re going to be able to hand around like crazy?

    I <3 Min & Cal so hard.


  1. […] is the second Jennifer Crusie  book I’ve read and while it is NOT as amazeballs as Bet Me, it’s more sexy and I still fell in LOVE. Manhunting WITH THE PORNO STACHE COVERSo, Kate, […]

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