Wicked In Your Arms by Sophie Jordan Book Review

Book Review: Wicked In Your Arms

Wicked In Your Arms by Sophie Jordan opens with a prologue in which the male love interest, Sevastian Maksimi discovers he is the new heir to the throne of Maldania, a fictional country, after his brother dies in war. It is Sevastian’s duty to his country to find a bride among the English ton, preferably one who will bear many children. Grier Hadley is a bastard, but her father, Jack, is super rich and provides Grier with a generous dowry, as long as she marries a titled man. However, the ton does not love Grier because her blood isn’t blue. Her path crosses Sev’s after she overhears him saying she is fit for bedding not wedding. With boiling blood, Grier dumps her drink all over him. Yet sparks fly as the two are continually meeting. Will Grier swallow her pride? Will Sev get over his prejudice? Read Wicked In Your Arms and find out.

Wicked In Your Arms by Sophie Jordan Book Cover

Wicked In Your Arms

Okay, so Grier is pretty awesome as far as romance heroines go. She is tan and has cool hair. Plus she rides horses super fast. She hates the conventions and constraints of society and loves the outdoors. She is awesome in bed, I guess. Plus she totally sticks to her guns and won’t let herself be turned into a mistress, she refuses to settle for something less. And, I have to say, I will always always love the saucy heroine troupe.

Sev, I thought was pretty boring at first. I mean, his physicality seems kind of attractive from the description, but that is about it. But he starts to get more interesting when he sticks up for Grier and actually starts to develop feelings for her. I like that he is down for his woman and totally overcomes that prejudice he’s got.

The sex scenes, which I think is what you people come to my reviews to find out about, since hello dirty minds. Well, they are steamy, but not quite as graphic as Duran. But there is a mention of um, pre-arousal. I don’t know the technical name for it, and I don’t want to be gross and get censored or anything. But yes, they aren’t exactly busting up the headboard, but holy hellfire do Sev and Grier get hot and heavy. And let’s be honest, you obviously know that’s going to happen from looking at the cover of the book and from reading the summary. However, I can tell you it’s not fade to black and is pretty darn good.

The chemistry between Sev and Grier isn’t far fetched. I liked that there is physical chemistry. But also they share similar interests, like horse riding and another sort of riding. I also liked that most of Wicked In Your Arms focused on the romance and not some weird subplot.

I’m definitely willing to try more of Sophie Jordan’s adult romance. It has a different feel to it than her YA, mainly that the people aren’t dragons and there’s sex, but I’m not complaining. I’d recommend this if you want to get your feet wet in romance and are a YA fan, just because you have familiarity with Jordan’s work.

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  1. this sounds yummy! thanks for the review

  2. Love your review of this book.

  3. Yep, holly hellfire it was a good book!! We are huge fans of Jordan!!

  4. So glad you enjoyed it! I’ve read two of her historical romances and thought they were wonderful 🙂 Have you read the Love By Numbers series by Sarah MacLean? I think these two ladies have the right idea about what romance novels should be like.

  5. Haha, I totally had to read the line where you said Grier was a bastard, like, 4 times. I kept thinking “wow, thats a little harsh” then something like “don’t people usually reserve the derogative term ‘bastard’ for men?” Which got me thinking “well, I suppose it’s not really a gender-specific term…I mean a woman could be called a bastard instead of a bitch or something like that…” This is when it finally donned on me that this was a trashy romance and that Grier was probably born out of wedlock, thus a bastard, lol. Yeah, I think I need another cup of coffee!

  6. Dropping by just to comment that I think your review for historical romances are hilarious!

  7. LOL okay I definitely giggled while reading your review. I’m in the middle of Firelight right now and I think I definitely want to pick this up as soon as I finish.

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