So Tough To Tame by Victoria Dahl | Book Review

I started reading So Tough To Tame by Victoria Dahl because it was the night before BookTubeAThon and I did not want to start any new books that would require heavy investment. I knew that I would be comfortable with reading So Tough To Tame as a background book and putting it on hold while I participated in BookTubeAThon. Fortunately, Dahl’s book is easy to pick up after setting it down.

Too Hot To Handle | Victoria Dahl | Book Review

Victoria Dahl is a contemporary romance author whose books I have always wanted to check out. Too Hot To Handle is the first book I have read by Victoria Dahl, but it most definitely will not be the last. One of my favorite romance authors is Jennifer Crusie, because she blends strong women, humor and love […]