Simply Irresistible | Jill Shalvis | Book Review

Probably my favorite thing about being a book blogger is that I have made friends who serve as better tastemakers than people in real life. These friends subtly convince me to read various things by virtue of being so enthusiastic. One such friend is a person that I can always count on to give a […]

The Perfect Match | Kristan Higgins | Book Review

There are certain authors that you know are good for satisfying a genre itch when you are in a certain craving mood. For me, when I get to craving small town romances, the author I know I can immediately turn to for a superb read with an interesting main plot, engaging subplots and unique characterization […]

The Story Guy | Mary Ann Rivers | Novella Review

Sometimes when your own personal holy trifecta of book reviewers with good taste reads something and then proclaims itís praises, you say to yourself, why YES I will read this, but then either buy it and it just sits in your house or on your kindle, or just add it to your goodreads list with […]

Cake | Lauren Dane | Novella Review

I am one of those people who totally worshipped at the house of Cosmo and would read those magazines religiously. As I don’t have the time to read magazines any more, I totally miss out on those awesome short stories they usually publish in Cosmo. UNTIL NOW. You guys, the other day I was browsing […]

Too Hot To Handle | Victoria Dahl | Book Review

Victoria Dahl is a contemporary romance author whose books I have always wanted to check out.¬†Too Hot To Handle is the first book I have read by Victoria Dahl, but it most definitely will not be the last. One of my favorite romance authors is Jennifer Crusie, because she blends strong women, humor and love […]

Snowed Over | Angie Stanton | Book Review

Oh hey for once I am reviewing a seasonably appropriate book on two fronts —¬†Snowed Over¬†by Angie Stanton has a blizzard AND it’s a romance, so it’s an awesome February read, especially in light of the latest snow storm. Also, this review is not going to be terribly long, because¬†Snowed Over¬†is a novella, it’s only […]