Allison: The Duke and Miss Christmas | Amelia Grey | Novella Review

I love historical fiction, especially historical fiction with a dash of romance, and if you set it during Christmas time, you’ve probably got me hook, line, and sinker. This is exactly what occurred when I read The Duke and Miss Christmas by Amelia Grey. The first time that Crispin and Prim meet, it is under […]

Allison: Heartsong Cottage | Emily March | DNF Review

Why’d I Pick This Book to Read: Heartsong Cottage had been recommended to me by the wonderful folks at St. Martin’s Press via Netgalley. Upon reading the description, I felt that this book would fit perfectly into my list of books to read this year for the Christmas season. It sounded like a nice contemporary […]

Allison: Hot Toy | Jennifer Crusie | Novella Review

When I first picked up Hot Toy by Jennifer Crusie, I admittedly expected a fluffy potentially sexy holiday story. I mean, the title itself kind of speaks to that, don’t you think? It could be just me that was thinking that though I highly doubt it. Anyway, while I did get a somewhat enjoyable read, […]