I Am The Mission by Allen Zadoff | Audiobook Review

Why Did I Listen To This Audiobook? Obviously I listened to the audiobook of I Am The Mission by Allen Zadoff after I had finished reading I Am The Weapon because I just had to know WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. Further, Allen Zadoff is such an underappreciated author and I truly love his books. Also, audiobooks […]

I Am The Weapon by Allen Zadoff | Audiobook Review

Essentially, I Am The Weapon is about this kid who goes by Benjamin for the majority of Zadoff’s book. His parents were killed by his friend Mike when he was a teenager. Then Benjamin was recruited to essentially be an assassin. He receives training and is honed into the best possible weapon. From there, he is given coded assignments, gets close to a mark – usually another kid at the different schools he is sent to – and then kills their parent. This time, Benjamin is assigned to the mayor of New York City’s daughter – Sam. He ends up being really interested in Sam and also coming to like the mayor. So, he decides he wants out of the assassin business. Will he get out? That remains to be seen.