Summer and Bird by Katherine Catmull | Book Review

Summer And Bird by Katherine Catmull was basically my number one book to obtain at BEA 2012, five whole years ago. I really wanted the book to read at the time because the cover is absolutely perfect. Plus, I was going through a phase where I read a lot of middle grade books. Also, I just […]

Beyond The Laughing Sky by Michelle Cuevas | Audiobook Review

Why Did I Listen To This Book? I love a beautiful book cover and I think that the book cover to Michelle Cuevas’s Beyond The Laughing Sky is gorgeous. This really lead to me picking out this audiobook to be my next listen. Also you know how there’s narrator loyalty? Well, Joshua Swanson narrates Beyond The Laughing […]

Review of Owl In Love by Patrice Kindl

Maybe some of you may recall my tweet about Owl In Love by Patrice Kindl being a creeper. I still stand by that tweet. I will say, I did warm up to Owl In Love by Patrice Kindl a bit, but definitely feel a little too old for it. Owl In Love by Patrice Kindl is […]