Allison: Book Blogger Challenge Day 8

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Good Books And Good Wine

Quick! Write 15 bullet points of things that appeal to you on blogs!

(This one is late due to a crazy past couple of days at work but alas here we go….)

  • Neat layout – I prefer to look at blogs that are neat and organized. It is always easier to find what you are looking for that way.
  • Easy to read font – While I like some of the fancier fonts, I find myself to prefer the fonts that are easier to read. I also think they tend to stand out better in a full website layout.
  • No music – I’m a music lover but I can’t be on a website that has a repeated techno beat or free music sampler on it. It just doesn’t work for me!
  • Organized – I prefer to read blogs and reviews that are easily organized and accessible. It makes it much easier for my usually tired brain to enjoy it.
  • Focus – I prefer when a blog has an obvious focus coming from it so that you know what to expect for it. This also relates back to my organized preference as I think having a direct focus can make it easier for someone to organize.
  • Personality – I love when a person’s personality shines through what they post. Yes, I want to read about a book but, I want to read what YOU say about it.
  • Personal posts – Similarly, I love getting to know the person behind the blog!
  • Humor – Snarkiness and humor are two of my favorite things to read on a blog. Again, it makes me feel like I’m getting to know the person behind the words.
  • Genuine – While I love humor and snarkiness, I also need to feel like the blog is being genuine in their approach. I cannot stand blogs that you can visibly see are not genuine.
  • Drama free – I go to blogs to get away from the drama and the stress of real life. I don’t need to find it when I’m looking to relax. So for those blogs who tend to get a little too involved in discussions and rants, I usually say no thank you.
  • Reviews of unknown books – I love finding new treasures based on someone elses recommendation
  • Discussion Posts – Who doesn’t love a good respectful discussion every now and then?
  • GIFS – I love the placement of a good gif in a review. That being said there can also being such a thing as overkill when it comes to the use of GIFS.
  • Interaction – I love when I comment and someone comments back. The openness and acceptance is also critical here as well. The feeling of community is a very big draw for me on certain blogs.
  • Having fun – What I look for most in a blog is if someone is having fun with it. I think that is where a lot of my bullet points are coming from – if the person behind the blog is obviously enjoying what they are doing then I’m more able to enjoy it myself.

What are some of the things that appeal to you on the blogs that you check out?

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Allison is 27 years old. She is always looking for new books, good music, quality/epic adventures, and a normal sleep schedule. She currently works with the elderly.


  1. Ah… we disagree about the GIFs – I absolutely HATE them in blogs, I’m afraid! But nice post!