You’re The One That I Want by Giovanna Fletcher | Book Review

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You’re The One That I Want by Giovanna Fletcher | Book ReviewYou're the One That I Want by Giovanna Fletcher
Published by Macmillan on April 25th 2017
Genres: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Contemporary Women
Pages: 320
Format: eARC, Hardcover
Source: Publisher
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ISBN: 9781466888951

In this charming and exciting women’s fiction novel, You're the One That I Want, Giovanna Fletcher explores the complicated relationship between three friends—Maddy, her fiancé Rob, and their best friend Ben.

Maddy, dressed in white, stands at the back of the church. At the end of the aisle is Rob—the man she’s about to marry. Next to Rob is Ben—best man and the best friend anyone could ever have. And that’s the problem. Because if it wasn’t Rob waiting for her at the altar, there’s a strong chance it would be Ben. Loyal and sensitive, Ben has always kept his feelings to himself, but if he told Maddy she was making a mistake, would she listen? And would he be right?

Best friends since childhood, Maddy, Ben, and Rob thought their bond was unbreakable. But love changes everything. Maddy has a choice to make, but will she choose wisely? Her heart, and the hearts of the two best men she knows, depend on it... Romantic, suspenseful, and a whole lot of fun, You’re the One That I Want is a great read about friendship, love, and the decisions that we make.

You’re The One That I Want by Giovanna Fletcher has such a beautiful cover. I mean, I am a fan of covers with pinks and blues that are illustrated. It kind of looks like a lot of covers of British contemporary romance books. Let’s just say that I AM HERE FOR THIS. It is too bad that’s not also a cover trend with American contemporary romances, but ah, what can you do? Anyways, this was the first book that I read by Fletcher, but given her backlist, it won’t be the last. This was such a sweet, moving book that really does play the long game when it comes to romance.

Fletcher’s You’re The One That I Want opens up for like six hot seconds at a wedding, that of Maddy to Ben’s best friend, Robert. Maddy is wondering if Ben will stop the wedding and actually fight for her. The book then sort of stops right there and brings us all the way back to elementary school. Maddy has just moved to Peaswood from London, if I remember correctly. She has a tough time making friends with the girls but is immediately brought into the friendship group of Ben and Robert. The three consider themselves a tripod and they are best friends basically forever.

Then, in high school, they all take a trip to Paris for school. Ben plays to confess his love to Maddy. Alas, Robert gets there first and well, the two become an item. So then we spend the rest of the book wondering if Maddy and Ben will ever get their chance. However, we do see that the feelings between Maddy and Robert are actually pretty legitimate.

Maddy is obviously one of the central characters in You’re The One That I Want. She’s pretty average. Anyways, she ends up going to college for photography. It is kind of interesting to see her love for photography grow. Where this book gets interesting is in her reactions to a situation involving Robert and their relationship. Then we see her relationships with other people — like her college roommates, but also Ben. I liked how it was sort of a push-pull and then there’s some real drama that goes down. I am here for the drama, after all.

As for Ben. I think he’s more interesting than Maddy. He goes to school for graphic design and ends up really doing well for himself. To the point that he goes traveling in South America for like a year. Anyways, Ben makes some big mistakes. A lot of the book found me sitting there thinking, bro just grow a set and speak your feelings. Like, so many of the issues between Maddy and Ben could have been avoided if he had just opened his mouth and fricken said something. Still, he’s nice and you do kind of root for him.

You’re The One That I Want by Giovanna Fletcher is a sweet, quick read to gobble up. I would say that it is pretty British with the slang, but that’s not all that hard to figure out. The chapters alternate between Maddy and Ben. There’s a few parts that have like some paragraphs between the chapters in a different font that are narrated by Robert. I liked that this book had an ending that I did not expect. I thought from page one I could predict who Maddy was going to end up with but delightfully, I was wrong. And now, I will definitely be seeking out more from Fletcher.

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